The BlackBerry Colt to be RIM's first BBX superphone?

26 October, 2011

Not long ago RIM announced its new BBX platform and the BBX OS for smartphones and tablets. We have already seen the a glimpse of the new platform in the Playbook, but what all BlackBerry loyal users expect to see is this new OS on a smartphone.

RIM has had unsatisfying sales and even some issues with its servers lately, so it isnít among everybody's favorites right now. So the thing of most importance today is what will be RIM's next phone?

BlackBerry Colt will look much like the Torch 9860, but without the hardware keys. It's said to be thinner than the Bold 9900 and with the same stainless steel unibody. Note that the device in the picture is most probably a mockup, but should be very close to the truth.

The Colt is supposed to pack a dual-core processor, a 4.xx inches of display with 900px+ vertical resolution, front and rear cameras, similar battery as the one in the Playbook and TAT UI elements throughout the BBX OS.

BlackBerry Colt is expect to be announced and released in 2012, so it's too early to tell what would really happen.

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