Dimensity 8100 and 8000 announced, first smartphones coming in March

Peter, 01 March 2022

The Dimensity 9000 is challenging Qualcomm in the flagship segment, now MediaTek unveiled its high-end competitors – Dimensity 8000 and 8100. Both are 5 nm chips that are built up of essentially the same hardware. However, the 8100 is a winning ticket for the silicon lottery and runs at higher clock speeds. There is also the Dimensity 1300, a small upgrade over the existing 1200 chip.

The two 8000 chips feature four Cortex-A78 big CPU cores and four A55 little ones. The GPU is a Mali-G610 MC6, which uses ARM’s latest GPU architecture. Between the two, the Dimensity 8100 will offer 20% higher GPU frequency than the 8000. MediaTek’s testing shows the 8100 hitting 170 fps in GFXBench Manhattan (offscreen), the 8000 did 140 fps.

Both chips feature the MiraVision 780 with support for a 168 Hz refresh rate at FHD+ resolution. One difference in the 8100 chip is that it also supports 120Hz at WQHD+. Both also have 4K AV1 video decoders and support for HDR10+ Adaptive (adjusting HDR10+ content to ambient light conditions).

MediaTek announces the Dimensity 8100, 8000 and 1300 MediaTek announces the Dimensity 8100, 8000 and 1300 MediaTek announces the Dimensity 8100, 8000 and 1300
MediaTek announces the Dimensity 8100, 8000 and 1300

The Imagiq 780 ISP can handle 5 gigapixels per second and record HDR video from two cameras simultaneously, as well as 4K 60 fps HDR10+ recording with one camera. This ISP can handle cameras with up to 200 MP sensors, natively supports 2x lossless zoom and AI-powered noise reduction and HDR imaging.

Both chipsets come with 5G modems (3GPP Release 16) with two carrier aggregation for up to 200 MHz of bandwidth. This allows for up to 4.7 Gbps download speeds. The modem supports 5G+5G Dual SIM, Dual Standby mode.

Locally, there is Wi-Fi 6E (2x2) support, Bluetooth 5.3 and Bluetooth LE Audio with Dual-Link True Wireless Stereo Audio. Positioning includes support for BeiDou’s new B1C frequency.

Dimensity 1200 Dimensity 8000 Dimensity 8100 Dimensity 9000
Node 6 nm 5 nm 5 nm 4 nm
CPU (big) 1x Cortex-A78 @ 3.0 GHz - - 1x Cortex-X2 @ 3.05 GHz
CPU (medium) 3x Cortex-A78 @ 2.6 GHz 4x Cortex-A78 @ 2.75 GHz 4x Cortex-A78 @ 2.85 GHz 3x Cortex-A710 @ 2.85 GHz
CPU (small) 4x Cortex-A55 @ 2.0 GHz 4x Cortex-A55 @ 2.0 GHz 4x Cortex-A55 @ 2.0 GHz 4x Cortex-A510 @ 1.8 GHz
RAM LPDDR4X (up to 4,266 Mbps) LPDDR5 (up to 6,400 Mbps) LPDDR5 (up to 6,400 Mbps) LPDDR5X (up to 7,500 Mbps)
Storage UFS 3.1 UFS 3.1 UFS 3.1 UFS 3.1
GPU Mali-G77 MC9 Mali-G610 MC6 Mali-G610 MC6 (20% faster than 8000) Mali-G710 MC10
Display FHD+ @ 168 Hz FHD+ @ 168 Hz FHD+ @ 168 Hz, WQHD+ @ 120 Hz FHD+ @ 180 Hz, WQHD+ @ 144 Hz
Camera (stills) 200 MP 200 MP (5 Gpixel/s IPS) 200 MP (5 Gpixel/s IPS) 320 MP (9 Gpixel/s IPS)
Camera (video) 4K @ 60 fps 4K @ 60 fps (HDR10+), dual recording 4K @ 60 fps (HDR10+), dual recording 4K @ 60 fps (HDR10+), triple recording
5G 4.7 Gbps downlink, 2.5 Gbps uplink 4.7 Gbps downlink 4.7 Gbps downlink 7 Gbps downlink, 2.5 Gbps uplink
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 6 (2x2) Wi-Fi 6E (2x2) Wi-Fi 6E (2x2) Wi-Fi 6E (2x2)
Bluetooth 5.2 5.3 5.3 Bluetooth 5.3

As for the Dimensity 1300, it’s nearly identical to the 1200, the only upgrade we noticed is the improved NPU performance that offers more number-crunching power for night mode and HDR processing with AI.

Smartphones powered by a Dimensity 1300, 8000 or 8100 chipset will be on the market in the first quarter of 2022, so basically expect a lot of launches in March, coming from “some of the world’s biggest smartphone brands”.



Reader comments

  • U
  • 07 Apr 2022
  • XVD

Well it make sense because they are for upper mid range segment, not high end. But even with a78 and a55, the efficiency is so good (you can check test from golden reviewer).

  • DaywidJ
  • 11 Mar 2022
  • Trn

While the 510 architecture is backward compatible, it would have more sense for them to use 4 x A710 ( which is the next gen of A78) along with 4 x 510, rather than A78 + A55. Introducing the A710 & 510 would have easily given a 20% power saving...

  • Zero
  • 11 Mar 2022
  • L8U

Indeed, I kinda expected the D7000 being that and the D8000 being the A710 and A510 CPU

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