Dimensity 9200 tops current mobile GPUs in early GFXBench test, even the Apple A16

Peter, 31 October 2022

An early AnTuTu benchmark score showed that the upcoming MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset will bring an impressive improvement to graphics performance thanks to the switch to ARM’s new Immortalis-G715, its first ray tracing capable GPU. Now a couple of GFXBench results have surfaced and make the upcoming chip even more impressive as its scores top any current chipset.

This includes Apple’s latest A16 Bionic, though cross-platform comparisons are not always accurate even with the same benchmark. Also, we don’t know what device is using the Dimensity 9200, but it seems that it is running firmware that is still under heavy development. Digital Chat Station reports that the ES 3.1 results went from 176fps to 228fps with the latest iteration of the software (the AnTuTu test may have been run with the old software).

GFXBench results from a Dimensity 9200 device (1080p offscreen): Manhattan 3.0 GFXBench results from a Dimensity 9200 device (1080p offscreen): Manhattan 3.1
GFXBench results from a Dimensity 9200 device (1080p offscreen): Manhattan 3.0 • Manhattan 3.1

The results above (posted by Ice Universe) are our first glimpse at the performance of the new Immortalis-G715, a ray tracing capable version of the Mali-G715. It looks very promising, but this isn’t the right test for it – these versions of GFXBench don’t use ray tracing, plus these tests these are old versions of OpenGL ES, anyway.

The iPhone 14 Pro duo (with A16) tops out at around 190fps on Manhattan 3.1 (1080p offscreen) and 243fps on Manhattan 3.0 (1080p offscreen). The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (non plus) devices tend to get 167fps and 187fps, respectively, however, most current phones get tested with newer versions of the benchmark.

This leak also bring more details on the hardware inside the Dimensity 9200. The GPU is an Immortalis-G715 MC11, up from a Mali-G710 MC10 on the Dimensity 9000. As for the CPU (which will feature the Cortex-X3), its three clusters will be clocked at 3.05GHz, 2.85GHz and 2.00GHz, though we don’t know if these are the final frequencies (they may change with newer versions of the firmware).

Whatever its performance, the Dimensity 9200 will not have an effect on the Apple ecosystem since it will never use non-Apple silicon again. But a fast chip at the right price might make the Android ecosystem not a one-horse race (the Dimensity 9000 is fast, but not nearly as common as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1).

Dimensity 9200 tops current GPUs in early GFXBench test, even the Apple A16

MediaTek has sent out invites for a November 8 event (Tuesday next week), which promises to unveil the new generation flagship platform. This means that MediaTek wants to beat Qualcomm to the punch by a week.

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  • Sin
  • 22 Nov 2022
  • pYQ

It's a flagship mediatek processor It should be paired with the maximum amount of support ram possible Should add another 8gb ram virtual ram using SSD swoop space too fervor extendend the ram amount Yeah better faster bigger stor...

the heck would a human need 24 GB of RAM in a phone for?

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Yeah but very closely colaborating with USAs

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