Disney+ could have an even cheaper version, supported by ads

Disney considers launching an even cheaper tier of its streaming service Disney+. According to The Information, executives are looking into new ways of growing the userbase. One of them might be an ad-supported version that would be cheaper than $7.99 per month, with some reports suggesting a $5 price tag.

The tier will likely arrive first in the United States, where competition is already fierce. Paramount, Discovery, Warner Media, and NBC have an ad-supported subscription tier. The first two already have their cheapest packages at $4.99, so it would be unsurprising to see Disney trying to match that.

If the move happens, Apple and Netflix will be the last major companies with no cheap tier with ads. The Information revealed that users in the United States are no longer running away from ad-free services - something Netflix pioneered more than a decade ago - they are more and more leaning towards an ad-supported TV model type of service.


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What are you talking about😡 ? I download movies and tv shows all the time. Been doing it for years now and never once have I gotten a virus ! Plus I have super fast internet so I can download a 20gig 4k movie in well under 10 minutes. The main advant...

  • Anonymous

Imagine pirating movies in 2022.

  • Anonymous

If there is ads it should be free. Change my mind.