DisplayMate gives the Galaxy S10’s display its highest praises (A+)

Enrique, 04 March 2019

DisplayMate offers in-depth analyses of displays in all kinds of consumer electronics including smartphones. The firm has previously awarded several Samsung flagships with record-setting test results and the Samsung Galaxy S10 does that yet again.

DisplayMate highlights that Samsung’s Dynamic AMOLED display has very high color accuracy that’s indistinguishable from ‘perfect’. It has very high image contrast accuracy and intensity scale accuracy that’s also indistinguishable from perfect. It has record high brightness mode that it recorded at 1,215 nits, 17% brighter than the S9. There’s minimal color and white shifting as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The display also saw improved viewing angle performance, improvements in blue light spectrum, better display power efficiency, and improved high dynamic range HDR+ performance as well. The HDR10+ is better suited for viewing HDR content with deeper colors and more contrast than HDR10.

Check out DisplayMate’s findings at the Source link below!



Reader comments

  • Xiao Yuan Jia
  • 17 Mar 2019
  • BtF

Any comments from you are bias, from all your comments i can see that. Why people should trust you? They can trust anyone except you.

If you go and check out the Huawei and Samsung marketing and R&D history, then you won't happy unless you think they have right to do those things.

Any rating from tester could be bias, from your comments it show more than that. Why people should trust these people? They should trust themselves.

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