128GB Dual SIM Samsung Galaxy S9 down to $640

Himanshu, 15 June 2018

If you are in the market for a Galaxy S9 in the US, you should check this deal: dual SIM Galaxy S9 for $640. An eBay seller with over 99% positive feedback is offering the promo.

The model on offer is an international one that comes with Exynos SoC instead of the Snapdragon chipset that you find in US Galaxy S9 units. It is only compatible with GSM carriers, and offers 128GB storage. The only available color option is black, though.



Reader comments

Funny just 3 months ago it costed almost 1000. Scamsung is the greedyest company on the earth.

This is why OnePlus should stop rising prices

Well, I'd clearly avoid a bloated, huge and battery inefficient phone like S9.... My biggest worry is, S7 Edge 128GB is not getting any cheaper... Its been a lot of time, even S8 is cheaper than S7 Edge 128GB... Are they going to disconti...

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