DxOMark rates the OnePlus 8T's camera as average

Ro, 03 March 2021

It's been a while since the OnePlus 8T was released. In fact, we are just a few days away from the OnePlus 9-series launch event. Still, DxOMark did an in-depth camera review of the OnePlus 8T to see how it stacks against the competition. The overall score of 111 points puts the device on par with the Google Pixel 4a and the rather old Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

DxOMark rates the OnePlus 8T's camera as average

And expectedly, the overall camera performance is far from stellar. Reviewers even call the phone a "refreshed midranger". Maybe because the camera experience is typical for a mid-range handset. The main issues with the phone's camera are the inaccurate color reproduction and noise across almost all shooting scenarios, especially in low-light. Dynamic range also needs improving while telephoto shots lack detail and produce noise. Moreover, videos need a better focus in low-light conditions as well as some adequate noise reduction.

On the other hand, reviewers liked the accurate exposure metering and the wide depth of field that ensures a sharp background. The faux bokeh also seems to be on point with an accurate and convincing depth effect. Also, videos look really nice when taken outdoor where the focus instabilities and noise are not observed.



Reader comments

Never known for their camera. At best, average. But as other readers said, 3rd party camera app/fix is the way to go.

  • James

So where's all the non stereo speakers? Dolby Atmos sounds pretty epic on OP8. I get edges on the non pro variant too . I seem to remember old OnePlus having bad cameras which ok they're still not great ..you pay for what you get. All that&...

  • James

If it's anything like the OP8 video is outstanding but camera leaves something to be desired . Try taking a picture of a camp fire and watch it struggle. Used night mode and every option possible and every time the flames looked like a blurred m...

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