EE UK loses Lumia 920 exclusivity, Vodafone will get it soon

19 December, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 920 was initially released in the UK as an Everything Everywhere exclusive, but it seems the exclusivity period is about to expire.

Vodafone Britain announced through its website that it will be offering the Lumia 920 starting in early 2013 along the HTC Windows Phone 8S, 8X and the Lumia 820.

In the US the Lumia 920 has a similar deal going on as it is available only through AT&T. That too will change eventually, but it will take another four months.

It seems in the UK many users are unhappy with EE's LTE network, its high prices and limitations. If any of those prevented you from getting a Lumia 920 until now, this should be great news for you.

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