EE UK loses Lumia 920 exclusivity, Vodafone will get it soon

19 December, 2012
The Lumia 920 will no longer be exclusive to EE in the UK and will be available at Vodafone in 2013.

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  • ee chris

Well this ain't true we are already selling the handset

  • AnonD-93597

how much this prize:? lumia920?

  • The Warmonger

MobileJJ, 20 Dec 2012You sound like a real Droid,they programmed you well.and what does a windows shutting down sounds like?

  • iCh4N

what was the OS for this for phone?, its like the GUI of windows8

  • Apple or Nokia

AnonD-58835, 19 Dec 2012Nokia is canceling the exclusivity as there is NO SALES of Lumia... moreif you don't know you really should NOT comment
Only EE have so far launched 4G LTE in the UK and only in the big cities

The Lumia 920 & 820 are Universal 4G LTE windows 8 phones
So we have a new OS W8 being launced on a NEW network and new 'protocol' 4G LTE.

EE have paid a premium to have that exclusivity OR RIGHTS for that.
It is a bit pointless for other networks to pay "exclusivity" for a 4G phone when they are NOT so the emphasis is on W8

Android started out small and took over Symbian, by 2016 if you read the GSMarena reports Windows will be the 2nd platform displacing IOS.

  • subhajit

its luk lyk to good............

  • AnonD-12210

AnonD-58527, 21 Dec 2012No way, Are you doing dalvik cache resets and factory resets.... moreAtleast you dont bash WP and nokia +1

  • AnonD-58527

[deleted post]No way,

Are you doing dalvik cache resets and factory resets.
Using a Custom ROM and kernel.

Android is not laggy if your doing that correctly.
and you shouldn't be moving the screen to fast as well to make it happen

Wp is

  • Anonymous

Proof that I have a Nexus 4. Nexus 4 is less laggy than many Android phones I have had in the past but still has occasional lag. It's still as buggy as the rest of the android phones. It can't compare to my Lumia 920 and iPhone 4S/up in speed and stability.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-18125, 20 Dec 2012You are right mate. Jelly Bean is damn fast. Fast like hell. I t... moreI tried Nexus 4, it's still laggy when scrolling. Had random reboots out of nowhere.

  • MobileJJ

The Warmonger, 20 Dec 2012who on earth with his proper mind would buy and sell this useles... moreYou sound like a real Droid,they programmed you well.

  • Yuuup

Does anyone care about the even uglier wp8 failure.So boring and restricted.

  • AnonD-18125

You are right mate. Jelly Bean is damn fast. Fast like hell. I think everybody should checkout Jelly Bean :) WP is also good to many people for its completely different UI and its beauty of simplicity :)

  • AnonD-91427

Lewis, 20 Dec 2012Got bored of waiting, bought a Nexus 4 instead.How did you manage that? - I got a confirmation that I was on the "short-list" and as you know they only make or sell 1 nexus 4 per week :)

  • Ragul

I've been waiting for it more than 2 month then eventully gave up, bought a samsung note2 insted....

  • timeto

Amazing design best smartphone design i ever seen

  • Lewis

Got bored of waiting, bought a Nexus 4 instead.

  • AnonD-83178

AnonD-58527, 20 Dec 2012That's sense's fault.A known laggy skin Nobody owning a One X w... moreYep, all WP8 fans should go and read the HTC 8S review here on GSMArena, then look on last page for the alternatives. i Quote:

"Thanks to its Jelly Bean platform the S III mini is every bit as smooth as its WP competitor"

And the S3 Mini does that with a less capable CPU. Jelly Bean is great, and i also want to emphasize on the case with HTC One X. I had HTC in the past and those phones are just defective, very bad indeed, very poor software.

  • Ibrahim......

Whn the release of android it nt get populared.. Whn its birth.... Nd it dnt hav application whn its release... Like tht windows os.. It get popular in future soon...

  • Dumb

AnonD-43136, 20 Dec 2012EE is rubbish! The 3g offerings from orange and tmobile are poor... moreHave you try virgin???