Energizer Power Max P8100S

Energizer Power Max P8100S

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  • 07 Sep 2020

Mo, 31 Aug 2020Believe me i am from Egypt and no one know about itmaybe because it's cancelled

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    • skE
    • 31 Aug 2020

    Dilbert, 05 Jun 2020Energizer's phones are quite popular in Egypt...Believe me i am from Egypt and no one know about it

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      • Tee
      • Dhr
      • 08 Jul 2020

      Cancelled. Typical of Energizer. This could have been a good one.

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        • Anonymous
        • 625
        • 03 Jul 2020

        Y'all should make a review of this

          Energizer's phones are quite popular in Egypt...

            the best foldable phone gets cancelled!!!

              Lil Joey, 01 Apr 2020Actually, this is a good concept of smartphone. There are p... more...same!

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                • Lil Joey
                • KZ8
                • 01 Apr 2020

                Actually, this is a good concept of smartphone. There are people that don't really care about the thickness. They just want a big battery.

                  Wtf is energizer doing, make a design and stick to it!

                    Well thats sad.
                    It could be best phone ever made and now its best fail ever made.

                      Lee, 25 Nov 2019Taking bets on when this gets flagged as cancelledAnd it has happened

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                        • iNdo
                        • mIn
                        • 05 Dec 2019

                        If only Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha would cost

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                          • Lee
                          • Srp
                          • 25 Nov 2019

                          Taking bets on when this gets flagged as cancelled

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                            • Arham
                            • v{u
                            • 14 Nov 2019

                            i love this phone

                              Wonder when and if this beauty gets ever released.

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                                • Jazz
                                • m7d
                                • 05 Nov 2019

                                Clearly this is a headline grab... They have no intention of ever producing this surely. lol

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                                  • audio noodle
                                  • nD7
                                  • 14 Oct 2019

                                  why they gotta break my hype with leaving out the headphone jack :P

                                    soares, 02 Sep 2019So that they can sell again to people who did not pay atten... moreI guess l :/

                                      The design, the price and the specs are perfect. I'm waiting for it and let's see if it can be a great foldable phone !

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • RIG
                                        • 07 Sep 2019

                                        It will probably weight around 230g-240g, i wonder how their phone case looks like.You are literally carrying a power bank as a phone. The ppi and resolution are kinda disappointing. Best long lasting gaming phone i see. It will took 10 years to degrade this battery and it's still fine. It can last 20+hours of high intensive gaming straight, imagine playing 1 game of PUBG Ultra graphics and it only takes 3% battery, now that is a beast right there.