Ericsson GH 688

Ericsson GH 688

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  • H
  • Hussein
  • T04
  • 18 Jan 2010

Good phone i have two pieces

    • H
    • Hussein
    • T04
    • 18 Jan 2010

    i have tow spices of this phone i bought it form old market form our county i consider it as masterpiece so i looking for this phone since long time until find it

    the jest is when i try to find the new battery for this phone i found it but the price is greater than of phone price

    phone = 15 LE (2.7 us$)
    battery = 20 LE(3.6 us$)

      • v
      • vikram
      • 39x
      • 06 Oct 2009

      i remember, my dad got this mobile in 1998 when i was in india. and we did not use the mobile for 1 year after purchasing it, because the cost of one minute of incoming or outgoing call is 16 Rs/min !!! whoops...

      but i love this phone. my very first phone that i handled !!!

        • j
        • jazper
        • P%G
        • 20 Sep 2009

        Nuv, 06 Mar 2009My first phone indeed and still in my hand now but whithout... morehai there, i would like to buy your ericsson Gh 688. would u like to sell it to me.

          • A
          • Adrian
          • nx5
          • 04 Sep 2009

          My first phone, miss u Ericsson so much u were not like present SonyEricsson's u were so great, very good phone, droped so many times on tarmac and everything was ok after sold it. I feel so much affection to that phone ;-)))

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • P%n
            • 28 Jul 2009

            Anonymous, 03 Mar 2009My very first phone, miss it so much..! my sister borrow an... moreThis was one of my first phones, I remember walking into a business meeting and putting it on the table just like all the top managers.

            I lent it to someone and she left it in England, I live in Australia, all I have now is the empty box.

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • i59
              • 19 Jun 2009

              Anonymous, 25 Aug 2008I had one which ı continuengly using since 1998 but ı lost ... moreAre you still able to call for free with this model:)?

                • N
                • Nuv
                • tDA
                • 06 Mar 2009

                My first phone indeed and still in my hand now but whithout battery

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • w6L
                  • 03 Mar 2009

                  My very first phone, miss it so much..! my sister borrow and never return.

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • pi7
                    • 25 Aug 2008

                    Jon, 05 Oct 2007My second handset after GA628, equally rugged with bigger s... moreI had one which ı continuengly using since 1998 but ı lost it few weeks ago. Now ı'm looking for buying another one and ready to pay more than its first market price.

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • N7U
                      • 16 Feb 2008

                      is the best reliable phone ever made..totally dependable ,,,the battery was not perfect but not bad at all....miss it soooooooooo much

                        • N
                        • Niky
                        • 0Bh
                        • 27 Jan 2008

                        I still have one ot these, manufactured on 14.02.1998 - it's 10 years old, has new antenna and battery and works just fine.
                        Due to its relatively big antenna works in places where other phones show "no network".
                        I use it as a spare, and will never sell/throw it.
                        I can not imagine that any of the phones made today will last 10 years...

                          • J
                          • Jon
                          • PD%
                          • 05 Oct 2007

                          My second handset after GA628, equally rugged with bigger screen, too bad it didn't have the "scratchproof" screen of GA628. Replaced the original battery pack with ultra slim one and it looked fabulous. Sorely miss its beeping network receiver.

                            • o
                            • onerazan
                            • PZt
                            • 28 Sep 2007

                            my 1st ever mobile phone! user friendly and quite big screen. loud tones and interchangeable antenna rings haha. love it!

                              • N
                              • NGUYEN THANH NHAN
                              • wvI
                              • 03 Apr 2007

                              i very like phone ericssion gh 688
                              please!send for me post of ericssion gh688

                                • p
                                • puma
                                • Nxs
                                • 30 Oct 2006

                                bow down 2da godfather.true classic

                                  • S
                                  • Singboy
                                  • PFM
                                  • 11 Oct 2006

                                  Wow.. it has being almost 10 years when I own this phone and it was my first mobile phone. It served me very well.. too bad.. I lost it when I'm on my way back from company trip in year 2000...

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • k9x
                                    • 08 Aug 2006

                                    My first phone.Good old times...and expensive ratetes.

                                      • E
                                      • Eric
                                      • m%{
                                      • 30 Dec 2005

                                      This was my very first mobile phone and served me well.

                                        • a
                                        • abody
                                        • mJT
                                        • 07 Sep 2005

                                        we have a problem in our network operater,some times the pin2 blocked and the puk blocked too, and the security setting in the sim card set to fix dailing ( work ) then there is no way to call any one from this sim card even if made a replacment to the sim card in the caustomer service and the company couldnt do any thing to this phone number. there for some one advice me to use this phone cause it open the fix dailing with out needs to pin2, NOW how can i get one. advice please