Ericsson GH 688

Ericsson GH 688

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  • k
  • ken
  • 13 Aug 2004

It was the baddest phone I have ever got.... i change the case to leon grn so it matches the light.... with a shorter antenna....... it was the sweetest phone... i miss it so much.... it was my first phone.... and damn i miss it.... so damn durable....pimp

    • t
    • tarno
    • 09 Jul 2004

    I need gh688 50 units. call me +628121917989 ok.

      • m
      • mahmoud
      • 09 Sep 2003

      this is a super-phone, especially with the short antenna and u can use it for self-defence :)

        • b
        • bernard sakala
        • 18 Jul 2003

        how can i put in new ringing tones

          • M
          • Me
          • 27 Jan 2003

          The 688 is one of the best GSM "phones" ever made. When considering the modern crop of handsets, the 688 can still mix it with the best. It will please users who don't look for a phone the size of a peanut that needs to be able to pilot 747's and be a movie theatre. All the features that you would need, good looks, durability and value. 10/10. If you want a camera and a pilot or a laptop, GO AND BUY ONE. To make phone calls you need a phone not a airliner!

            • B
            • Benjamin
            • 17 Jan 2003

            Propably the best phone I ever had, please take note, I'm using right now a Siemens S45. The Ericsson 688 never failed, had the best ear-speaker ever, with which you would understand people even in noisy environment, and due to its durable frame it can drop w/o any damaging! I'll go for it again!

              • H
              • Hadi
              • 10 Nov 2002

              Do you have GH 688 ericsson
              I need much , p[lease inform

                • v
                • vasam kiran kumar
                • 28 Oct 2002

                this is not the dual band hand set, thatswhy i am phasing so many's not receiving signals that much quickly.and it's having so many bad features.

                  • P
                  • Phil
                  • 09 Oct 2002

                  Anybody selling an antenna for this sort of phone? Contact me plz.

                    • a
                    • aria
                    • 28 Apr 2002

                    that kind the mobile is best in the world
                    thank you!

                      • s
                      • stephen sedwell
                      • 02 Apr 2002

                      want to know about desktop hook up of gh 688 what is required software and hardware

                        • k
                        • kiran bhat
                        • 21 Feb 2002

                        this phone felldown many times from my pocket but did not break or got it is the best fone(phone)..

                          • b
                          • busuiog dorel
                          • 02 Dec 2001

                          i like this fone mutch

                            • N
                            • Nilakari Kai
                            • 03 Mar 2001

                            A rugged phone- aluminium frame protects
                            the phone well. The antenna breaks if dropped- the phone stays alive.
                            Not too small, easy to dial with small
                            tabs on some buttons-a good for people with not s good eyesight.

                              • A
                              • Armando
                              • 15 Jan 2001

                              The best phone that I ever have!!!

                                • R
                                • Reynan
                                • 06 Dec 2000

                                does not have caller ID on in coming messages even if u already stored the phone number in memory