Ericsson R520m

Ericsson R520m

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  • Goliathus
  • 3LT
  • 12 Mar 2017

This phone have Li-polymer battery, at 600mAh!

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    • CC
    • inR
    • 13 Apr 2014

    deaf, 24 Sep 2013I'wouldlike e 650-850 mAh battery from Ericsson R520m.

    I bought a replacement battery from this company for my T39 and it continues to work well over a year later.

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      • deaf
      • MQx
      • 24 Sep 2013

      I'wouldlike e 650-850 mAh battery from Ericsson R520m.

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        • Dmitrij
        • Mfx
        • 24 Jun 2011

        Old Ericsson phones - is really good quality and very well design!
        New project for rare phones allow at

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          • john
          • nCi
          • 18 Jul 2010

          I stay in dubai do u know any place I can get this or is anyone interested in selling it to me

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            • Johan J.
            • mvy
            • 15 Apr 2010

            I love the ability when you use speaker phone and if you want privacy, just put the phone next to your ear and it automatically turns the speaker off!

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              • Ontil
              • 9xc
              • 30 Mar 2010

              This is the BEST phone over the world!!!
              I Am using it 8 years and do not want to change it!!!
              Ericsson - RESTECT!!!

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                • Bumbarbia
                • PQ{
                • 11 Mar 2010

                Awesome phone. I am still using it after 8 years. Battery has to be recharged every 1-2 days now (comparing to 5 days at the beginning), but hey, it still work nicely. Made in Sweden! How cool is that? It is like a collectable item now. Perfect to show off as people are not used to see such a phone anymore :-)

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 3Ac
                  • 11 Jan 2010

                  Great phone with features some todays phones don't have. Still works good!!!

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                    • stuntman
                    • fwv
                    • 11 Dec 2009

                    akmis, 13 Apr 2001From far, looks like watermelon with seeds.ha ha ha !!! i got the "watermelon" i luv it lol

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                      • koso
                      • pqy
                      • 29 Nov 2009

                      This is the only phone I never sold and kept to show it to future generations :)) First phone ever with bluetooth. It doesn't support object exchange but still!
                      I think it's a milestone and worth keeping. It still works perfectly and it happened during the years to have a problem with my current phone and to go back to r520m until it got repaired. Usually people couldn't believe that such a hugh phone exists but anyway. It was the 3210-3310/alcatel OT era.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • Mxp
                        • 10 Nov 2008

                        This phone is awesome, still good looking (if not considered the antenna even said to be perfect 9/10) and outstanding performance. I was used to talk with it for hours and hours and the slim batery needed to be charged under that conditions after days. I was talking with it with an earphone and it dropped to water, and i could going on to talk inside water for a few seconds :) and nothing happend after i dried it. I would buy for sure again if i could find some, since it was stolen with my bag.

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                          • doggyfreestart
                          • Smp
                          • 07 Nov 2008

                          This is the last classical Ericsson Phone (along with T39m). Very robust, alloy baseplate, solid and durable finish. Design similar to R320s, the menu also resembles, but it has a bigger display.
                          The business functions were cosidered superb at the time of the release. It would have beaten its rival Nokia 6210/6310/6310i without doubt if it had a built-in antenna.
                          I just got one in a mint condition, and I'm very happy with it. The battery of T28/T29/R320/T39 can be used, and these batteries are still around.
                          If you like retro, this is the phone for you.

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                            • Renato
                            • L4e
                            • 24 Mar 2008

                            I have it since 2004... this is very good.. my best mobile phone..Unfortunatelly, my battery doesn't work anymore. So I have to give it..

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                              • nikola ns
                              • Sts
                              • 19 Jan 2008

                              I loved this phone... It was silver and it was stolen from me. I will give my Samsung d900 for this one!

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                                • Anonymous
                                • msn
                                • 11 Jan 2008

                                I have bought it in 2004 and still works. It is crappy because of bad SIM contact with phone, that makes it self reset from time to time. It was great for his time

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                                  • PyC
                                  • 05 Nov 2007

                                  Have it for 6-7 years, still works and looks like it was just baught. Only needed to chage the pouch recently, as it worn out :)

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                                    • LeiGen
                                    • wrY
                                    • 05 Oct 2007

                                    I have one, i love this phone. it's simple, can't broke.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • RW0
                                      • 20 Jul 2007

                                      Search in eBay ( and you will see someone selling this phone.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • P1S
                                        • 17 Jun 2007

                                        I love it! This is the best cell phone and really I never would change it.