Ericsson R600

Ericsson R600

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  • luty
  • 15 Nov 2001

can someone tell me when this work of art will be avaleble in europe?

    • m
    • mrWiseguy
    • 12 Nov 2001

    info: This phone has nothing to do with Sony, as it was developed before the Sony Ericsson mobile phones started.

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • 10 Nov 2001

      Well, well, looks like Sony's doing wonders with the late Ericsson Mobile Division! Right on Sony!!! I like the Audi A2-like concept: U only stick the SIM/Ignition Key and turn it on! The rest is seen by Ericsson Personnel only!:))) Yet, some of us tend to have a technical hobby-urge and fuck-up the phone:)))) I only hope the new line won't have the same bugs all the other had!

        • E
        • Expert
        • 05 Nov 2001

        Yes I do agree with you that this is a great phone, and I do know from own expercience that it is good, I tried it on a showroom at Ericsson. It is true that the R600 will be very cheap, about US 160-200 when it's released in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark in early December. I'm not sure when it will arrive in other countries than mentioned above, but what I'm sure of is that these countries allways gets all gsm-phones first.

          • C
          • Cismaru Octavian
          • 03 Nov 2001

          E beton R600

            • J
            • Jammy
            • 29 Oct 2001

            Shit small, fuck sexy and what more do u want from a phone.

              • R
              • Rommy
              • 09 Oct 2001

              fantastic fone!! I want to know about the price. And when can I have this GREAT fone? Ericsson, WELL DONE! So long nokia....

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • 08 Oct 2001

                i think that after those new handsets ericsson has taken the lead when it comes to makeing mobile phones .. i wonder what it will be when we see the first sony-ericsson handset ..

                  • A
                  • Admin
                  • 01 Oct 2001

                  Hey "I wonder",
                  Ericsson T68 was announced first. Compare it's specs to T65, T66 and R600 and you will see.

                    • a
                    • a
                    • 01 Oct 2001

                    I am a great Siemens lover, but this is a nice telephone !

                      • E
                      • El Consolero
                      • 01 Oct 2001

                      can´t believe there´s no infrared-port in the new ericsson phones (T65, T66, R600), there would not be the need for GPRS without it!e verything else about the new phones is great. If you don´t like these, go and get the color-blinding, flash-lighting toyradio from nokia which you can also use as a phone... 8310.

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • 30 Sep 2001

                        i wonder ! ppl here in the site said that ericsson r scalling down after the t65 ! now after t29 t39 t65 t66 and now R600
               dont u think that who wrote that they r scalling down need an eyes glasses

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • 30 Sep 2001

                          ericsson is impressing us with another one ! well don

                            • q
                            • quinton
                            • 26 Sep 2001

                            And i thought the phone looked like a nokia, just goes to show ppl did not like the original square designs of past ericsson phones and ericsson heard the masses.Bravo, the phone looks brilliant.

                              • P
                              • Printer
                              • 25 Sep 2001

                              I agree. Now Ericsson is showing an extraordinary productivity. And the new phones look super!
                              I have heard that the R600 will cost about 1500 swedish kronor. About 150 USD.
                              Very good price for a phone with such specifications!

                                • V
                                • Victor Alexandre
                                • 25 Sep 2001

                                I can not belive Ericsson is doing so well. This phone is fantastic. I wonder the price..., when can I have it?