Ericsson R600

Ericsson R600

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  • hombarfej

The most beautiful Ericsson phone I've ever had. The red backlight was a miracle in 2001. :)
But its battery was very weak. I had to charge it every day, which was very uncommon in that era.

  • Mark

Best phone i had. Battery died and i couldn't find anywhere to buy new, so i had to buy new phone.

Hey Ericsson! We know you are there, build a new smart phone for the old days :D if you see my messege, we miss u :(

  • AnonD-716026

The last phone before Sony Ericsson

16 years and Ericsson still has not yet announced a phone.

  • AnonD-100853

After 12 years working perfect. I change 2 batteries and 1 original cover. It"s in a excellent condition!

  • Anonymous

my first phone on. I really love it

  • Bara

This is my first mobile phone on 2001
I love the keypad, very smooth

I use it for around 5 years, no problem at all.

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever until I get Samsung Galaxy Note

  • ais

best phone i have ever had, until my stepdad thrown it in the lake... lol

  • Anonymous

Nash, 06 Sep 2011The best phone I have ever had. I regret having sold it :( ... morewhat the price for r.600 ?

  • Nash

The best phone I have ever had. I regret having sold it :( Impossible to find in second hand

  • Tomas Holm

I bought my R600 for 9 years ago, and it still works perfect. This must definitly be the best phone that has ever been made.

  • Harry

this is very loveable mobile phone. This is my 1st handphone. i love it very much. very miss this handphone, where to get it again??? need your information. :'(

  • bagudung

This is my first phone, i brought it on 2001.

I love the keypad :D

  • Marcus from sweden!

Best phone ever made! Thats all

  • Bush

I've had my R600 for 8 (eight) years with one battery replacement, but now it is time to move on to a new phone.

I would say that 8 years of daily use and still working shows good quality.

  • Nabil

i would say it was very good, strong and light phone with elegant design and colors

  • Kristian Dimitrov

I am very pleased with the phone. I still have it and work with it. I am from Bulgaria Sofia

  • Dragos -Pitesti, RO

Alex, 29 Jun 2009My first Ericsson! loved it! since then i am using only Son... moreAnd for me it's my first phone. I miss this phone; it's breake now :P