Ericsson R600

Ericsson R600

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  • Alex
  • SvB
  • 29 Jun 2009

My first Ericsson! loved it! since then i am using only Sony Ericsson phones! best phones ever!

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    • F
    • 3c4
    • 19 Jun 2009

    Anonymous, 13 Jan 2009I really like the look of this phone aswel as the specs. A ... morei still have this phone,it works perfect,no problems,the keys are a little bit not to good because they are made of rubber but it's ok,overall it's a small wonderfull phone and the's super

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      • Anonymous
      • mxQ
      • 13 Jan 2009

      I really like the look of this phone aswel as the specs. A phone worth buying I say.

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        • John
        • 2xx
        • 12 Jan 2009

        I am still wondering if you could still get the keypads and change the front cover for this model.
        I am in Bangkok, Thailand

          • d
          • doggyfreestart
          • Smp
          • 07 Nov 2008

          Where are you located? You can still get batteries here in Germany.

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            • don
            • PSw
            • 28 Sep 2008

            do you still have available battery (BST-20) for this unit? if not, is there any compatible battery pack and charger? i bought my unit CY 2004 i still want to use it.

              • V
              • Viktor
              • 0Bf
              • 16 Jan 2008

              Choosed this cell cause it was cheap. Cost about 140$ at that time. And I got what i paid for! Cheap and lousy, I say. Slippery and weak buttons, dull interface and bad battery life. Had it a couple of months til I bought a new one. Probably the worst phone I ever had. Ericsson made fine phones, but they could have skipped this little pieace of cheap technology!

                • c
                • cat23
                • nDQ
                • 26 Feb 2007

                It was my main phone from march 2003 till december 2005 and from 2005 it backs up my mpx220. Never ever had any problem with it, only changed its acc.

                  • B
                  • Boris
                  • MW3
                  • 06 Sep 2006

                  great telephone,wеll build,strong,just super

                    • d
                    • dorin
                    • ntQ
                    • 09 Jun 2006

                    it was my first phone, buy in nov. 2003.AFTER ONLY 3month appear the sever injuryous soft problem .he forget the all numbers on the phone memory is enable to the function.ALL IN ALL he was an nice design,but the tecnical device is on crash!

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • nb5
                      • 06 May 2006

                      I got this phone a few years ago and it worked well, but for a pair of software crashes :) It's 3 colour backlight was pretty cool, especially if you had set different colours for different people calling you. I also found the alarm clock very good. All in all a good phone, much better than the very popular nokia 3310 or 3410. Has better features.

                        • Y
                        • Yoade
                        • mcy
                        • 09 Apr 2005

                        It's nice phone. I love it. I used for one year before it was stolen. I will still buy ericsson product again. probably T230. cool!!!

                          • S
                          • SAFE
                          • 29 Aug 2004

                          hey ppl dont get ericsson fones get SONY ericsson its more modern and better (by the way if ur havin trouble decidin which sony ericsson to get get k700

                            • T
                            • Tumgal
                            • 27 Jul 2004

                            R600 is a nice phone but it sucks as hell.Its giving me a hell of a problem right now.searching for network for over 10 hours and not finding it baterry runs out within a day.please tell me wat to do to reset the searching problem.

                              • H
                              • Henvan 2003
                              • 20 Jun 2004

                              Bad Design, T68 is better, this phone is suck!

                                • A
                                • Adesina Adegbite
                                • 25 Apr 2004

                                i need a large quantity of r600 at very good and competitive price. prices for other sony erricson needed, such as sony j5/j6, j70/j7 and z5

                                  • T
                                  • Tim
                                  • 04 Feb 2004

                                  phone has sucky buttons... those dont work and battery runs out in 2 days.

                                    • B
                                    • Benny
                                    • 16 Sep 2003

                                    Smooth design, full capability for an inexpensive handset ....

                                      • N
                                      • Nevjestich
                                      • 04 Jul 2003

                                      Good design!

                                        • r
                                        • ricks
                                        • 06 May 2003

                                        this phone sucks bigtime. its worse fault is it loses its data i.e. all its internal phonebook and stored sms messages when it does a sudden reset (it doesn't really hang, it resets!). by the way, to avoid losing data when it resets, just stay cool and don't press the red (on/off) button. had the misfortune to buy this phone about a year ago. was lucky enough though to sell it to somebody else at half its original price after six months of hell.

                                        one feature this phone has over others are its xmas lights. first, bet somebody that this phone has them. second, access the lights test routine through its hidden menu (see samo's comments below). finally, sing a xmas tune to accompany the blinking lights. this is how I sold my phone. :)