Ericsson T20s

Ericsson T20s

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  • Gemma

Good phone!
The battery is very good. Too bad that it doesn't have T9 sms.

  • aria


  • Ven

Get this u wont regret it!Its the sexiest fone in the whole world fr that price.Very affordable!Looks much better than those ugly nokias.

  • Liofka

This phone has no EMS! It's bad! Better buy T20e! It's much better

  • Hayley

I was wondering when it will be availible to buy - and where i might be able to get it from.

  • tuandd

help book about t20s

  • ibra

man, the phone is lovely and all but i think i am going to switch because it freezes like hell and loses network when you put it in the pocket. Other i have loved it. Please give me a reason not to exchange it for another brand.

  • arman


  • Mohsin

I had a Nokia 5110, I hated it.I had an Ericsson T28s, I hated it cause it kept on turning off for no reason what so ever. I now have the T20s, and I love it!! It is one of the better phones I have ever owned. I think Ericsson phone menus are more user friendly, in general, ericsson seems more user friendly that Nokia.

  • Gergana

This phone is really great.My father has got EricssonT29s and it si really great

  • stanton pentasaib

this phone is a *ucking peice of sh*t not even 5weeks after i bought it, it gave a "power management" fault( that is what the report told)it took 8weeks to fix. then two months later it broke. they said that it is out of warrenty and will cost get this R799.51c to fix. don't buy the t20s!!!!

  • diana

i am trying to find pictures 4 my phone, Ericsson t20s,i am having trouble finding any, can my phone even get picture messages?your site did not help me alot!

  • ashley

i think that this is a good phone but it needs more sites to make ringtonez for it!

  • radu

I want to change my Ericsson T20s with warranty , with Nokia 8210 .write me!


e un telefon foarte bun.Cel mai bun.

  • Gytis

Yes it is a very good telephone, but i want to know what are the main diferences from T20s and from T20e.

  • sale


  • S.Tran

Could be one of the coolest mp. However, the design is the ugliest one with SME 2 or 3 lines. Need new design, please!

  • hagYone

care este mai bun : nokia 3310, ericsson t20, sau alcatel ot 501....trimiteti un mail cu opinia voastra....multumesc :)

  • hagYone

witch one is best : nokia 3310, ericsson t20 or alcatel ot 501...please e-mail me your opinion...10x a lot.. :) bye