Ericsson T28s

Ericsson T28s

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  • liviu bleotu

this telephone is to fragile, and i have alredy a broken phone in 6 months

  • Claus

it's a very good mobile phone,an excellent friend;it's small and nice,easy to use but in the same time very complexe.I love it!!!

  • azad

very nice and sleek,display colour also good


this is the bullshit fucker mobile

  • Michelle

I'm using this while I wait to get my other phone back and it's ok but I couldn't use it 4eva. The tiny screen makes me mad and the buttons are terrible!

  • mihir

respected sir,

i have ericsson T28 mobil. By mistake it is locked by me and i have forget my code word so how could i open that please tell me. as soon as possible

thanking you,


  • Vincent

Very practical for professional users but not for fun! Easy to use, its lightly dimensions are not worrying.
I am happy with it.


i would like to buy this phone.
can u send me one?
tell me the price
thank you!!!

  • 0817154558

ok... smalest cell phone

  • tatske

good mobile phone great options 2 just 1 problem the keys arent wha they should be mja NOKIA rulezz

  • ALi

your right about the battery alf. Less than 2 days standby with low usage is not very acceptable.

  • alf

good earvoice, but bad battary and way to big antenna(when buying a smaller one the connection suffers)calender wouldnt be bad 10 point scale I would give 6,5points.

  • ALi

The flip works fine for me, no problems there.
The only thing wrong with this phone is that it is so slow at completing operations such as opening messages and deleting messages. It's annoying to say the least. :(

  • Dainius Misiunas

Send me melodies for my ericsson T28s

  • Dainius Misiunas

Very good telefon. I like This telefon.

  • daniel

I don't know what to do .i'm in position to buy one but i read some opinions and i not satisfied with the fip button and the battery.Tell what to do.

  • shak

it is very good

  • Besko

so pres kako si aren si sakam da kupam tel motorola cap cak

  • Akshoy

I find it a good phone. Very sturdy and reliable. The only problem with the phone is the flip. It gets free after every few months. Every few months it needs a replacement.

  • Goce

T28s je moc dobry. Prosim nekoho abi mi poslal na email neaku hudbu.