Ericsson T29s

Ericsson T29s

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  • Milan
  • mX%
  • 12 Oct 2007

thi is the best phone ive ever had... its very simple and very easy to use... can be forever

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    • Bubba__Zanetti
    • n$$
    • 02 Jul 2007

    I have had this mobile phone since June. Made in 2001 but still working and ergonomic but keys are to small. New accessories are difficult to accessible.

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      • Miung
      • ij5
      • 24 Feb 2007

      T 29 is my first phone. Now my mother use it. I don't like this phone because too tough.

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        • fusion
        • Mk6
        • 05 Feb 2007

        i have this phone from about 3 yers ago ,and i think that is a gret phone in general,i don't like that he has a big antena and i don't like he's keybord(it's too small)

          • R
          • Rune Eggen
          • n7G
          • 28 Nov 2006

          I have been using this phone for almost 6 years now and it is still working perfect. It is perfect for calls and SMS. I have replaced the battery twice, no other problems. I don't like the modern phones with color displays, they are impossible to read in daylight and in the sun. I never use MMS or GPRS functions so my T29s will live forever....

            • B
            • Bill
            • SHt
            • 06 Nov 2006

            wanna buy t29s. can't find it tho :( i've been looking everywhere.. bad luck :(

              • A
              • Andrei
              • ntN
              • 12 Jun 2006

              This was my second phone after N3310.
              This handset impressed me by its tehnological and yet conservative slim design.
              The picture of this phone wake up memories...:)

                • a
                • ankit nandy
                • 2SU
                • 19 Mar 2006

                i m using dis set but i have broken my antena which is at the top by mistakeli and whenever i m tring 2 switch on it it is not responding.wht should i do

                  • M
                  • Markus
                  • Sji
                  • 23 Feb 2006

                  Hi, this is my favorati mobile phone. I only miss the calander by this mobile phone. Is there way to get a calander on this mobile phone?

                    • g
                    • gani@abd.rahman Suot
                    • TSS
                    • 18 Jan 2006

                    Iam using T29s but the problem was I can't remember my phone lock code.How do I manage to open my phone lock code. Thanks

                      • m
                      • mark
                      • mH7
                      • 06 Dec 2005

                      I have a t29s and its great but waite i have just broken my charger and i dont know where to get one and i live in the uk so i am sad at the moment as its small and easy to use. And now i dont know how long til it stop.s i have another phone but not like the t29s so if you know of a charger going please email me thank you

                        • B
                        • Bluey
                        • ME6
                        • 12 Sep 2005

                        Should have had the push button flip, as found on the T28 - but unfortunately this broke too often as people were too dumb to look after them, so a great feature was lost to the world. Shame.

                          • R
                          • Rune Eggen
                          • 5y%
                          • 07 Jun 2005

                          I have been using my T29s for about 4 1/2 years without any problems at all. The time counter for calls now shows about 1,200 hours of talking! I have changed the battery twice and now I have to change it again. I have also used modern phones but I don't like them at all. They have to many unnecessary functions! I hate phones with camera, bluetooth, radio and MP3!

                            • d
                            • duh
                            • TST
                            • 07 Mar 2005

                            This is not the best phone by many problems...

                              • c
                              • chaminda
                              • Uiw
                              • 20 Jan 2005

                              any one plesae tell me how to remove passwords in my ericssion t29s to this e-mail address

                                • S
                                • SAMEH EMAM
                                • 05 Dec 2004

                                please i have a problem in my mobile Ericsson T29s (at dailling for it i listen this message this mobile is not available now so the mobile have anetwork)

                                  • A
                                  • Andry THP
                                  • 30 Nov 2004

                                  This is my 2nd cell phone. Since my family are so fanatic of the Ericsson brand. Don't know why.. :)
                                  Yet, it IS (not was) a masterpiece, just like its slogan "Easy, Elegant and Well Connected" To bad that nowadays I'm having problem with the batteries. I have all 3 type of batteries and all seems worn out! So sad.. Looks like the battery problem in T28 has just went down to "this" grandson.. :)

                                    • K
                                    • Kristijan Rehlicki
                                    • 09 Aug 2004

                                    The phone is great. It never brokes down, i dropted it milion times and doesn't have a scratch. It's a great phone for those who buy with reason.

                                      • T
                                      • Tzap a.k.a Inferno
                                      • 15 Jul 2004

                                      This is a very cool mobile phone. When it 1st got out, 3 years ago, it was the kinda phone that made the people say : "WOW ! It`s small, it looks nice and it`s smart too ! I really wanna buy this phone and then I`ll be among the coolest guys in my neighborhood". I have 2 phones... a BRAND-NEW Samsung C 100 I`ve just bought today and this Ericsson T29s which I bought from a friend with just 20$ ( almost perfect shape, battery lasts 3-4 days ) 1 week ago. So, for just 20 bucks I`m using this phone, a true masterpiece 3 years ago. Thing is that, a friend of mine has an accesory... kinda like a MP3 Player ! I`ve read something about this 3 years ago and I think is called MPM-10 ! I would really like to buy such a thing, I really need one of those. So, if anyone has this devide and wants to sell it please send me an e-mail with the price and I`ll be more than happy to buy it ! Also if anyone of U knows about others accesories for this cool phone please send me an e-mail and specify it`s functions, I may buy it if I find it interesting. I live in Romania so if U`re from the same country then... U just got LUCKY ! :) That`s all folks ! Just remember this cool "trick" : buy mobile phones that were once "the best phone of the year" for very low prices from people U trust. It`s worth it ! :)

                                        • s
                                        • stole
                                        • 17 May 2004

                                        ke ve molam ako moze da praatete nekoja melodija cao