Ericsson T65

Ericsson T65

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  • Teracasa

Great phone very durable.

  • Robert

I'm still using this phone after 15 years. Works perfectly, the battery still lasts 4 or 5 days. It's a very compact and lightweight phone, durable and provides crystal clear sound, even after numerous falls to the ground and tens of thousands of hours call time.

  • Ichsan ichank

I want this phone...

  • Johnson

Where in South Africa especially cape town where i can get this phone have used if before and i really need it, it wonderful phone which can;t be ignored?

  • Michal

Very good telephone, I still use this and he still work perfectly. I bought this telephone not long ago in awesome condition. It is perfectly sophisticated device.

  • FlightCrew

Very good phone. Got it today as exchange from a friend. Robust and stable. Never gets stuck, nor lagged in anyway. Audio quality is exceptional at all times. Signal reception is very good, even when other phones get 0 signal this one can still have 1 or 2 bars available. Battery lasts pretty long, even on quick charge lasts 4 days minimum. Even on year 2012 it's still a swedish masterpiece. Bra jobbat Ericsson :)

  • Storetroll

I bought it in 2003 and turned it off in 2006. Load the battery and switch it on in January 2012 and it works just fine. This was the last piece of device Ericsson branded before merging with Sony. Kanon bra.

  • AnonD-538

Recently resurrected my T65 after being left unused and in its box for close to nine years. It still works great! Sound quality is superb and battery life is still surprisingly good (for me at least).

A couple of issues I have with it: keypad is a bit of a pain to use. If you're into speed texting, then this is definitely not the phone to use. Software is also a tad slow. It was back then, it is more painfully evident today. But I still like this phone. It is so in-your-face retro.

  • AnonD-16182

i still have this phone but it needs new battery

  • Jeremiah

I'm searching for this unit.. Please tell me where can I buy in this times. I love this phone

  • Shehroz

way Better than 3310

  • Anonymous

This phone is great! You can change SIM card without turning it off!

  • Anonymous

Nadia, 24 Nov 2010Amazing phone! Still working, still holds battery for a week:))gr8888888......

  • Nadia

Amazing phone! Still working, still holds battery for a week:))

  • Alpo

bought it in 2001. still got it.

  • Rem

I am still using this phone today. Battery ( original ) only last about four days now, but that's more than enough. It is a great phone altogether, although i had to repair mine once. I dropped it into water and the audio chip failed soon after.

  • Jo

I bought it in December 2001 and it's still running. I like it so much, so that I don't want to buy a new one.

  • marie

Bought it 2002 - still fantastic! And do not need feeding very often :-)

  • shehroz

cool! with inter net! nearly 8 years perfect till now!!!

  • Marius

Sooing Ng, 02 Jan 2010Not using it for 3 years but try to use recently, it feels ... moreI want to buy'it !! Email pls if you sell'it !