Ericsson T65

Ericsson T65

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  • Anonymous


  • Sooing Ng

Not using it for 3 years but try to use recently, it feels brand new and never got a problem of running out battery.


it has fantastic games and strong battery i just love it

  • agus

Alex, 06 Nov 2009Best phone ever! Still use it since 2002! So for seven year... morehi, i'm using Ericsson T65 somebody can help me to delete email form inbox ???

  • Alex

Best phone ever! Still use it since 2002! So for seven years, no problems at all, first battery!

  • Jurgen

A very small phone in that time you couldn't feel it in your pocket

  • Manu

I have been using this phone from 2002 since I bought it new. It has been on 24x7 for last 7 years and still the battery holds charge for about a week (used as a second phone). Initially I charge the battery only once in 2 weeks.

No one will believe that a mobile battery lasting longer than 7 years. But its true!!!!.

I have changed my primary phone 3 times since then and currently using Nokia 6120 Navigator. Battery life of all these phones are a shame.

  • Anonymous

man i am a fan of this phone!
I use My Phone Explorer by fjsoft to synchronize it with my PC, all backup, phonebook, messages, and even calender, it has a great battery time indeed, it dosent need any battery charging till a week and charges to full battery within an hour!!!

I started using it from 2005 and still i am using it!!

One more thing., its soo much tough and durable that i also used it as a weapon in a fight in my college :P

Its phone book has all features that modern phones have!
no doubt its only 300 but if you look at the specs of only phonebook, then you'll realize

hmmm reading messages is a bit slow on this phone, but it works for me!
message memory is also less i.e 70 messages ( phone + sim memory )

A great phone indeed!
No transmission problem! No problem abt any thing in it!

  • sharqy

not really a nice phone. bought it, my 5th, but regretted it.

  • bleurder

My Starburst Yellow is still a star amogst today's feature packed mobiles. Everyone here has their necks stretched out whenever I use it, specially when I attach my accessories to it such as the MCA-10, HPR-10 & HPR-20 & the HPM-10 player.

Outstading battery life 3-5 days with normal usage, very clear audio & mine doesn't drop out on its signal strength.

I just unscrew it to keep the battery contacts clean since it's built on to the phone itself.

Running for 5 years now & still a head turner. BEAT THAT!!!

  • Aip

T65, that little mobile is the firs i mobile i had, and i still can count on it until now. i usedit from early 2004, and theres no complaint abaout the performance,. the batery are really great,...... My aunty choose it for me. And u know its a right choice........... =)

  • Anonymous

Very handy if you have more than one sim (there's a little drawer for the sim)

  • David

For free T65 user guide pdf to download I found it at Sony Ericsson site.

  • David

I'm using my great little T65 again here in Australia after a couple of years. Sadly I've lost its user manual. Any way I can download one off the net? I've tried several sites but no luck so far.

  • Misi

I would like to join for the others. I have also this phone since 2002 summer and it is still working fine. :-).

  • Nik

I'm having this phone since sept. 2002, and it's still works like the day I bought it. The only difference is in battery life, now it lasts 7 days instead of 9, how was in first couple of years.
Best phone ever, but I just can't look at it anymore! :D

  • Tyr

I've been using this phone since March 2004, so from 4,5 years. I've changed many phones, but recently I had to return to it, simply, because it remains the best phone I've ever had. The batteryy sill goes for 5-6 days in moderate talking, the calls settings are almost perfect, the size is very comfortable, and ... during the very sunny days the screen is so visible and clear, because it has no colour screen.

  • bast

The best one I've ever used

  • BlackJack

Really ... i have T65 from 2002! Mobile still working without wrong. Batery is good (4 days) after 5 years. Very goooood mobile.

  • hubo-goss

Best phone I've ever had: used from mid 2002 to mid 2005..afterwhat it started to crash like Windows is used to do...(while you use it for text messaging for example)
After a full cleaning, it was a little better but 1 month later it started again and was almost unusable.

Battery still last 8 days in standby mode.

Keypad is worn and some keys can't be read anymore...but keyboard still works fine. I regret that phone compared to my new Sagem MyV76 bought last year. Sagem functions sucks compared to (Sony)Ericcson ones!

I've just sold my sagem and I'll bought a W810i from SE!