Ericsson T65

Ericsson T65

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  • Andu

excellent phone!4 years and buy i've ever done.

  • Radu

I have this phone for 4 years. It has about 500 hours(talking time) and the battery works about 3 days. I will never sell it!!!

  • tomcat0

yes indeed, the T65 is a great great phone... the battery is great... 5 days Excelent phone !

  • Simon

It's the only phone i can count on. It's really great. I had moto t720i, nokia 6600, siemens cx65, se k700i n every1 broke or sumtin but my t65 never failed me. I've got it since 4 years or so. The battery is reaaaaally great. No other phone standed that long. Really great phone n i really love it... since 4 years

  • Necroman

There's a mistake in this phones' description. This mobile phone HAS HSCSD. I have this phone almost 4 years so I know, what am I talking about :) .

  • Anonymous

@n2iQ, I can understand your opinion perfectly, have a T65 polar too, love it...!just for it's form, don't care about it's performance, main thing and recieve calls....and it still works perfectly

  • Anonymous

oh dear, it's so cool, I'm proud to have a polar blue version of the T65 perfectly working , now in these ultra modern S.E. W900i umts times..... I don't care...

  • tjahjono

I still use T65 almost 3.5 years and the batterij is stabil until now. I really surprise for the performance. Signal may not too strong. But I am not disappointed that I have buyed this phone.

  • MotoSEnokiA

One solid little phone.

True story,

The old man left the T65 in his work shorts. The old lady washed said shorts. Dad found the wet mobile after the wash and then took one week to a locate a screw driver for the phone. After opening the phone to let dry out in the sun put the phone back together and what do you know it works like new.

Tough little phone :)

  • reza

Dear Sir/Ms
Good day ,can you show us the details files and parts of phone book t65 ,because I want to know how can I transport the list of phone book to sim cart .
Best Regards

  • Alex

To ipoer: Indonesia? That's very far from Switzerland! I am terribly sorry, but I can't tell you where you can find a new battery in your country! I bought mine in a official Sonyericsson service center, maybe you have some similar shop in your country too! enjoy good old T65!

  • ipoer

Oh thanks Alex...
Now I have one used...It's really nice
I like this phone...BTW can you tell me where can I buy a new T65 battery..?Oh..I live in Indonesia..

  • Alex

To Ipoer: that's a good decision! Where do you live? I must say, it's not very easy to get a T65 in good conditions nowadays!I bought one in some sort of "turkish bazar" here in Switzerland but had to buy a new cover, a new screen and a new battery! But now I am very happy with my polar blue T65!

  • Ipoer

Hi..I like Ericsson Handphone...My first phone is GF788 and the last is I am using Motorola C380..but I want to come back to Ericsson and I want Ericsson T65...
Can you tell me..where can I buy it?

  • vietcong

I have this hp from 4 years and its great. I've found one problem - low signal, but sometimes it is veeery comfortable ;))

  • zaq

dis phone sux

  • Iyke

Hi I think ericsson t65 is one of the best fone ericsson company has produced, I love everything about it the only problem I ve with it is its low signal strenght it pisses me up when I go to some places and discove that other fone with the same network have signal and mine none. Nevertheless I still love it I ve been using it for the past one year now and no problem encountered so far cheers Ericsson!

  • Alex

Hi saravanan! Glad to hear that someone else is lucky with the old T65!!! Are you happy with its performances too? I know there are by far better fones now, but are you somebody who prefers first of all a nice fone? I like mine in every way, although certain people can't stop to laugh about me...

  • saravanan

i recently bought brand new t65, polar blue phone for RM200 in penang. warranty for 1 year and its a kind of kewl phone. i love this phone coz its just look nice and perfect design. the credit should go to ericsson for bring such a nice evergreen kewl phone.

  • Alex

will I be the very last man in the world to write about the t65 in 2005? Does anybody still use it everyday, as I do?