Ericsson T65

Ericsson T65

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  • Alex

Not only the Battery! I love it's design, among all modern phones, I never saw one that was more beautiful, even in the year 2005! And for a second fone it's perfect! Going back to the roods...

  • Udendra

The Battery is excellent!!

  • celine

its too long in connecting.............
but, performance, OK and elegant!!

  • Dinesh

This phone is ecelent design, Display is large, font sizes can change. key-pad is bit dificult but its ok. Very Good phone.

  • Jamal

I bought my second t65 because my first one was stollen from I think the battery has to be an original one for that long long standby time...

  • anes

i has used it for 3 month and i can say it is a good hp.but there are something that i dislike about this hp are it's small and hard to press.there only 1 game and to many protocol to send sms...

  • Thomas

Yea! I very like this phone. It's many usefull features. The way it looks is also nice. Maybe it's oldie now, without Java, camera, mp3 player.. but, if Ya don't really need them this is one of the best phones for U. :)

  • andrew

im pissed off nobodys e-mailed me yet with the manual but i think i have the problem sorted (the problem im talking about is in the last thing i posted a few weeks ago)you see i had oniy been using it wioth a sim1 but tomorrow im getting a sim2 and i know youre thinking "dude on this same site there is a link to the manual" i know i have clicked on it it didnt work its the same with all the other links i have found to it but none of them work they all come up with the same page it has the sony-ericsson logo(whats that about?)and say "404 error" i might ask vodafone to fix my fone if the new sim card doesnt work.i live in new zealand

  • adi carp

the BEST of the BEST!!! the BEST phone ever created

  • t

A pretty good phone. Nice call quality, although the signal strenght can go pretty low at times. Good battery - i recharge once every 4 days and i TALK A LOT! Keypad is kinda stupid... hard to press. The menu is ok although it takes a really long time to get in the SMS Inbox (20-30 seconds). I recommend it...

  • andrew

i just boughi a t65 and i am having a few problems so far.First of all it freezes when i push the wap browser button or move across it on the meneu .Plus as i bought it second hand i dont have the owners manual so could someone please e-mail it to me.

  • alex

how can i find ericssonr310s?please,email me,i really want to have it!thanks!

  • anele_takane

I would like to enjoy the full potential of my phone but my wap settings are not set and I have no IDEA where to go.

  • Anonymous

this is a really,really shit....fuckin shit....numa probleme mi-a creat!!!!!

  • lica


  • Andre

It has a VERY VERY LOW software, you spent a lot of time to write an sms, or to doeverything. After 1,5 years the sim card holder doesn't function properly. Now I have to change it. It's NOT reccomended.

  • Simon

Two words (PURE SHIT) This has to be one of the worst phones ericsson has come up with in the last 4 years. you cant access the battery, the sim card holder falls out, and you cant clean it if you get shit inside the screen.. as i said PURE SHIT!!

  • John Mugica (Vodafon

I highly recommend this phone, it is a combination of elegance and high quality craftsmanship which makes this phone tower above others in its price bracket.

  • Wuly

Does anyone know how to enable the bluetooth from a T65? Or is the blue tooth just for the image?

  • ilicka

its the most stupid phone.pure shit