Ericsson T65

Ericsson T65

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  • Jay

I highly recommend this phone. Very affordable and good quality especially the GPRS - WAP features !!

  • iulian

How can i compose melodies on this phone? And can i buy a cd with extras, to uopgrade menu!


not so good design... i wont buy this

  • muharrem

hay my telephone email confıgıratıons.t65 for my maıl adress your maıl adress and emaıl confıguratıons ok?

  • Dr.Octupus

Do someone know were to buy a software for this phone to take photos with the mobile camera MCA-10

  • dj_krysz mobile phone is very good, high performance and good price.I bought an T65 last month and i am very pleased.BUT...there are some bugs in his soft.Sometimes it blocks himself...Atention how use this phone...BYE

  • alex

just excellent!

  • Jordan

Perfect phone

  • Matthew Bader

As a former General Manager of a medium-sized GSM network, I have used a lot of phones.
I must say that Motorola seems to have outdone themselves in making this one bad. It is in fact worse than the first Motorola Timeports that were introduced several years ago.
I highly discourage people from considering this phone. It is lacking features and difficult to use.

  • burak

i dont like the ring tones that are already saved to the phone and its to difficult to form a new one

  • Anonymous


  • Mark Goldschmidt

Hi everybody! Does anyone know how to display the date on its display just like the R520m? IŽd like to always see the date not just when I go to the Status menu. If anyone know how to, please email me. Thanks

  • Donce

This phone is great!!! It's the best one i've ever had. I found some bugs on it, but regardless it, Ericsson T65 has a nice design, high sound quality, a lot of features, long lasting battery life time, you don`t need to remove mobile cover in order to change the SIM card. The bigest bug I found on it, it's the tempo of mellodies in own composer,because it plays too fast. BUT ERICSSON T65 IT'S A REALLY GREAT PHONE!!! Don't believe NOKIA cos' its a bullshit.

  • Drasko

How can I add numbers directly into the SIM card phonebook ?

  • Antoine EL KARA

I want to ask if there is any software to import or export the phone book to or from t65 to my pc ??

  • tiha

its not bad, but a little bit hard to write messageson it

  • Iuly

Man..this phone really rules...I mean, what else would you want? Cheap, small, light, WAP, GPRS, games...all in one! If u are runing low on monew..this is the best phone you could buy!

  • Courtney

I think the phone is great but the ringtones are fairly pathetic as you can't decide on the tempo of your melody and not amny ringtones are compatible.

  • Luci

i have a t65 ericsson and i`am please with him it`s a very smart phone and it`s so practical but i dont know how to download message pictures from the net ..the phone it`s almoust the best after Ericsson T65i here in Romania..
Thanks Ericsson ...

  • Anna

How can i download a new picture from a WAP for may t-65,help