Ericsson T68

Ericsson T68

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  • ambiet

this phone is really great. i used to have this since i'm in high school. it has a very clear connection when you call. you can hear clearly the voice of the other party. it also has the longest standby life. it was still open with minimal use for 3 to 5 days. its very handy and it is also having one of the kind durability. i dropped it several times but its still working. don't compare this to the present unit. in terms of quality, this is the best.


  • Jack

Anonymous, 10 Feb 2009Sony took the awesome T68 which had a nice metal case, replaced ... moreIf you want to live in thepast that's fine, but not me thank you very much, with the announcement of future proof phones boasting 12mp and android capabilities, this is what the consumer wants and needs. Folk like you stuck in the monocrhome and dark past need to move on and realize that phones like this are dead and gone...for good! Had this one back in 2002, good phone but pants compared to today's multimedia handsets.

  • Anonymous

Alex, 09 Feb 2009This is the last real phone made by Ericsson until Sony spoiled ... moreSony took the awesome T68 which had a nice metal case, replaced it with a cheap plastic one, changed the software a little and came up with the T68i - RUBBISH! And all they came up with after that was still rubbish! Ericsson was indeed the gratest phone producer. It's still a mistery why they got bankrupt and needed Sony. Having in mind their great products CEO bribery sounds very plausible. Sad...

  • Alex

This is the last real phone made by Ericsson until Sony spoiled the brand. GREAT innovation (for that time), Great shape, great features! ONE OF THE BEST PHONES EVER (along the Nokia 6110)! I still miss Ericsson and always will...

  • sharqy

had to buy this for my collection. really a gold-standard. my 17th phone.

  • kantotero joker

dis product is phase out.

  • DogA

The best desighn EVER!!!

  • mikeysyke

This phone was so ahead of its time. Bluetooth, voice dialing, MMS, colour screen, Camera (via attachment). It was just great. At the time this came out, it was head and shoulders above anything else available at the time. They did release a T68i but they were functionally the same (all bit it with a firmware update). I still have mine about and working!

Great phone

  • gtrtist

lol i used to have this phone... it was pretty decent... until one day the person calling me couldnt here what i was saying... *sigh*

  • Anonymous

""i just dont get what was its difference with t68i.""

This is an Ericsson T68. the T68i was a Sony Ericsson. feature wise, relatively the same.


that's terrible!

  • michael

this was the best phone for 2 years.
it was the first phone with color display in Europe. 256 colors. it was a MUST HAVE, and the degisn was original at his time.

  • sencen

i just dont get what was its difference with t68i. they have the same features though. this phone is still available on some networks right?

  • Anonymous

I had this phone for about 2 years, dropped it many times, toughest phone ever.

  • Ivan

This is the only phone from Ericsson with color screen

  • Todor

wow... thats the father of the modern cell phones

  • The Omen

This mobile's design is absolutely UGLY.
Why dont you check the much better Sony Ericsson t39 ? See for yourself, the t39 rocks.

  • pooloo

I had this phone- fell out of my pocket after a couple of months and was damn expensive!! However the operating system was quite frankly awful and I switches back to Nokia with whom I've been with ever since.

  • winx

One of the best GSM fones i had! Great battery life, handsome appeal and very ergonomic design. Bluetooth, IR, GPRS in a small package. The only downside is the low memory.

  • Io

holy sh*t,bluetooth,infrared,voice memo and color screen way back in '01 !