Ericsson T68

Ericsson T68

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  • martijn

what a beauty

  • Younis

Orangeeboom, clon dyke windmill

  • RedKnightRade

i really think this is a nice little phone, but i would like to get more info on it !!! Price, menu functions, memory functions ... wheres all that !!!
if anyone has some info for me please email me with it if you dont mind .. THANX

  • akmis

Walaweh!!! Got color oledi ah... GPRS and Bluetooth somemore... WAP 1.2.1!! Latest Version ah! Maybe now those nokia freaks will wake up!

  • Lari Pajunen

Ericsson T68 display size is 8

  • Lim Meng Shi

For the first time ever, I think this Ericsson is worth considering. Never liked their phones because of poor ergonomics and small screen which probably explain why they've lost so much market share. This phone probably still has their stupid menu system but the feature set and screen size is attractive. Colour is probably not critical. Maybe a cheaper monochrome model will be released later.

  • ugurturk

goddddddd betofıl