Ericsson T68

Ericsson T68

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  • i
  • iqram patel
  • 17 Jun 2001

Iam a stylish individual and my partner Chris is very happy with this mobile
as its the same colour as his underwear ----oh yeah!

    • M
    • Mark LV
    • 15 Jun 2001

    If anybody knows how I can purchase this handset soon, please let me know!

      • M
      • Mr S
      • 15 Jun 2001

      Wondering when the Ericsson T68m is coming to Australia.

        • m
        • martin Ducker
        • 14 Jun 2001

        Looks good but unhappy about cover-up on the release date in the U.K.

          • D
          • Danny
          • 12 Jun 2001

          Top dollar paid for this product. E-mail me with any info.

            • M
            • Martin Cunningham
            • 06 Jun 2001

            I have been a great fan of Ericsson phones until the T29 was released and now this T68 I think I will switch to Ericsson when this is released!!!!!

              • J
              • John Arbis
              • 01 Jun 2001

              Ericsson stole the stile of this fone by NOKIA.This fone is like a Nokia mobile fone.It is no fair!Nokia and Panasonic for ever!!!!!!!!!!!

                • C
                • Chris Coll
                • 31 May 2001

                What a beatiful phone it´s just the best phone Í´ve ever seen .. I want to know when is it going to be available in South America... GREAT PHONE...

                  • M
                  • MAHMOUD ALSHATTI
                  • 28 May 2001

                  nice phone , how can i buy one ?

                    • e
                    • ericsson fan
                    • 23 May 2001


                      • t
                      • taurus
                      • 22 May 2001

                      tra la la

                        • A
                        • ASHYFAQ AHMED
                        • 18 May 2001

                        its simply great

                          • m
                          • michael
                          • 01 May 2001

                          can you please tell me when is going to be avaible in the USA the erricson t68 or the the t20s.

                            • F
                            • Fredrik Liljeblad
                            • 30 Apr 2001

                            I tried it at CeBIT in Germany and it's the best mobile phone I have ever seen.
                            It's even more beautiful in reality and fit's perfectly in the hand
                            The joystick and buttons have the correct resistance when pressed and the menusystem is easy as 1.2.3.

                            The T39 is a hit to. With a bigger display than T28 smaller antenna (to bad it wasn't built in the phone) and it's packed full with features bluetooth, GPRS...

                            Nokia didn't show anything interresting on CeBIT just a bunch of ugly looking phones with nothing really new in them.

                            I have a Nokia today, but I will throw it in a lake when the new phones from Ericsson comes :)

                              • A
                              • Andy
                              • 30 Apr 2001

                              Well.....yes ericsson have done it big time now! A stylish, v.light, colour dislpay, "joy stick menu"Gprs, Ehm,MMS, and the latest version of microbrowsing wap software
                              . its just a shame they cant bring out a fone which you can change the startup and display logos.
                              i fink if ericsson stay on the lines that they are on now they maybe become as big a NOKIA.

                              Nice one Ericsson.

                                • b
                                • baz
                                • 27 Apr 2001

                                i think its very sylish & i thinkit has some great features!im glad ericsson have brought a GOOD phone out well.........apart from the t39

                                  • p
                                  • peter
                                  • 25 Apr 2001

                                  i am looking forward to getting one only if they could come out sooner in australia

                                    • D
                                    • Desmond
                                    • 22 Apr 2001

                                    And also - I just noticed it. I guess this guy wrote the second comment from akmis.

                                      • D
                                      • Desmond(real one)
                                      • 22 Apr 2001

                                      Wasn't me the one that wrote the previous comment. Some guy just loves my name.. :))I guess he is pissed of because he read my comparison between Ericsson T68 and Nokia 8310
                                      I myself think that at this moment T68 is the best phone on market.And most functional also...

                                        • D
                                        • Desmond
                                        • 22 Apr 2001

                                        I agree.