Ericsson T68

Ericsson T68

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  • der

Well its a step closer to G3

  • Anonymous

No it does not use the same battary as the t29.
Ericsson always made the best phones but now the finaly look the best too.

  • x-Nokia Lover

Sorry Nokia, you're doomed,
Ericsson T68 vs. Nokia (any new phones)

  • Chris

The price will be around 5000:- sek (Sweden) which is about 490$ and 415 (quite expensive isn't it)

  • Loo Cheong Wai

wow...wat a fone!!!! colours display,GPRS,EMS,MMS not in other fone.Great design,the best of ericsson to date...truely the future fone..

  • Barry

I think that it looks pretty cool i wouldn't mind knowing the price.

  • caff

Can't wait for this phone to come out !!!!!! Can anyone tell me whether this phone use the same battery type as T28?????

  • marius

I need to know more about it. Especially the price, because i intend to purchase it. Can you tell me more about this phone??

  • Ken

Can anyone tell me what should i choose between T68 and the new phone from ericsson and sony which due in first quarter of 2002.....damn hard choice !!!!!!! I should get both !!!!

  • John

Best phone the way the phone is only 85g , not 88g as on info details !!!

  • caff

Sorry i post the wrong website address...this is the correct one !!!­o.gsmbox?country=uk&serv=Ericsson

  • caff

Simply the most beautiful and cool phone in the world......look more pretty in picture,......check it out in this website­f

  • caff

Simply the best from ericsson !!!!! It seriously kick the nokia's ass........I will get this phone once it comes out !!!

  • ahmet

İt's perfect.

  • god

cool colour display!

  • iqram patel

Iam a stylish individual and my partner Chris is very happy with this mobile
as its the same colour as his underwear ----oh yeah!

  • Mark LV

If anybody knows how I can purchase this handset soon, please let me know!

  • Mr S

Wondering when the Ericsson T68m is coming to Australia.

  • martin Ducker

Looks good but unhappy about cover-up on the release date in the U.K.

  • Danny

Top dollar paid for this product. E-mail me with any info.