HMD: There is no white Nokia 6 on sale yet

Yordan, 26 January 2017

Yesterday we wrote of a white version of the immensely popular Nokia 6 being sold in the Philippines. Well, the Communications Director of HMD Global denied the existence of such device.

We haven’t launched Nokia 6 in Philippines market. The seller is a 3rd party retailer on Lazada platform and is not an authorized seller.

Now, that was pretty clear from the start, but it appears the white color has been merely a mistake in the listing.

The listing on Lazada has actually already been changed to black. The price stays PHP 18,590 or about $370 (the official retail sells the phone for $247).

HMD Global said that it’s possible the 3rd party retailer got its hands on a few Nokia 6 units and imported them on its own, but there's no official launch outside of China just yet.

The initial Nokia 6 batch sold out in China in a minute and 1.4 million people have already registered their interest in taking part in the next sale.


Reader comments

  • Feride LG G3

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  • anony

this man "man of war: is really laughing at your comments since you reacted with his trolls.

  • Ayda

Hi, I do not ! like black and white mobile anyway. But when there is Gold silver colors. ya strange what has to do, this is not ! true puzzled ducks, we are waiting for this new mobile phone Nokia 6 model, in Europe. but has had to make this phon...

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