First Google Pixel 8 leaks reveal huge camera upgrade

Google Pixel phones were among the first to support HDR+ photography, and reports are the company is also planning to go one step further with the Pixel 8 series.

According to Kuba Wojciechowski, the source code in the Google Camera Go app revealed that 2023 Pixels will have staggered HDR - a solution that allows the sensor to capture different exposures simultaneously with the same pixels.

Currently, Google uses ISOCELL GN1 sensors in the Pixel 7 series, but the camera chip Samsung does not support staggered HDR. We expect the Pixel 8 phones to have ISOCELL GN2, which does have the latest advancement in mobile high dynamic range photography.

Staggered HDR is better than regular HDR because it achieves the same effect in shorter time without the blurriness that happens if the device moves while taking the picture.

The source code of the Go app also revealed a device, internally called Pixel Tangor Pro, which is essentially a Pro version of a Pixel Tablet. Google is yet to launch any slate under the Pixel branding, and we might see not one but two tablets in the near future.


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  • PhilB

Totally agree with previous 2 comments, Pixel 5 had perfect size in my opinion.

Absolutely agree about the size of the five and it might be my last pixel as hanging out for a new model at some point of s similar size. it just works well

Loving my 5. Hopefully one day the 8 or 9 series you may have a comparable size. I just love the way it looks feels who performs and for many of us the sizes just right