First vivo iQOO phone to have Snapdragon 855, 44W fast-charging, 12 GB RAM

Yordan, 19 February 2019

We saw the vivo IQOO yesterday - it will have three cameras on the back and will not fold. The sub-brand revealed a teaser, hinting to a gaming handset with monster specs. The new device, name still unknown, will come with Snapdragon 855, 12 GB RAM, and 44W fast-charging, surpassing manufacturers like Huawei and OnePlus with their respective 40W and 30W standards.

The new smartphone will be also offer plenty of storage - 256 GB and an ample 4,000 mAh battery. The charging will be done via a USB-C port. There isn’t much info about the camera, but at least we know it will have Super HDR mode.

Most of the features were announced with a Weibo post, but then another post followed, introducing an always-on UD fingerprint scanner. The image says “always on, ready to start”.

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  • Justsomeguy

Yeah I'm using the Razer phone at the moment and going from a 1440p 120hz display to that which is only 1080p 60hz would be painful. Higher resolution isn't that amazing but the refresh rate is god like. Most games I have support the full 120fps play...

  • Anonymous

but stil holds true nevertheless

  • s-pen pusher

this argument is so 2012.