French wireless authority finds 8 phones that exceeded SAR limits

Peter, 30 November 2018

SAR – the Specific Absorption Rate – is a measure of how much energy is absorbed by the human body from the radio emissions from phones. Various wireless authorities do strict testing to make sure that manufacturers stay within limits and as France’s ANFR found out, sometimes phones exceed the limit.

During the first half of 2018, the authority tested 51 handsets and of those 43 passed. The other 8 did not. Check out the table below to see the offenders. Note that the value in the table are measured at the waist, but ANFR also measures the absorption at head level.

Anyway, the issue was corrected via a software update for 6 of the phones, the remaining two were pulled from the market.

Phone SAR (measured at hip level) Manufacturer's decision SAR (measured at hip level) Link to the press release
Orange HAPI 2.1 W / Kg Withdrawal from the market, recall of copies sold not applicable See
NEFFOS X1 TP902 2.52 W / Kg Withdrawal from the market, recall of copies sold not applicable See
Huawei Honor 8 2.11 W / Kg Software update 1.45 W / Kg See
Echo Star Plus 2.05 W / Kg Software update 1.41 W / Kg See
Alcatel PIXI 4-6'' 2.04 W / Kg Software update 1.58 W / Kg See
Wiko Tommy2 Bouygues Telecom 2.46 W / Kg Software update 1.66 W / Kg See
Hisense F23 2.13 W / Kg Software update 1.46 W / kg See
Wiko View 2.44 W / kg Software update 1.34 W / Kg See

The acceptable maximum SAR is set at 2W/kg by law, though most phones don’t go anywhere that high. Of the 43 phones that passed, the average value was 1.16W/kg, though some measured as low as 0.6W/kg.

You can find the SAR values measured by ANFR over here. We try to include SAR readings (both the US and EU standards) where data is available, but manufacturers are not always forthcoming with this.

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Reader comments

Just means YOutube has higher priority. Once again we have a honor 8 at home, no issue with my PC or my Pocophone. There is no such thing as "strong reception" in the way you mean it, if your bandwidth varies with your your distance from the...

Ummm,I am not sure if the hardware issue like this one can really be corrected with software tweaks.The phone antenna emits specific signal frequency and I don't think that can be lowered just buy software (or maybe can buy dropping some bands but th...

  • Anonym
  • 02 Dec 2018
  • LiK

Yeah, the Honor 8 is also reported to be way bellow the limits, yet... we may have just another case of VW engineering.

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