Front panel of iPhone 6s Plus  pictured, Force Touch controller in tow

Peter, 01 September, 2015

The iPhone 6s front panel showed a larger front-facing camera, now let's look at the iPhone 6s Plus front panel. Component store got early replacement units of the panel, which shows an unchanged design but an added Force Touch controller (the Taptic Engine).

The "s" refresh is not the time for a major redesign so no surprises so far. The changes will be mostly internal, including better cameras – the selfie camera on the front stays above the earpiece but will allegedly go up to 5MP with 1080p video capture.

Alleged photo Apple iPhone 6s Plus front panel

The panel is white, which does nothing to confirm the Rose Gold color option which has been called into question recently. We'll find out next Wednesday when Apple unveils the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

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Reader comments

  • lg user

sound detection u crazy man.... so if im in a noisy plase my knock on feature wont work or if my devices micro stop working then it wont is a software trick boy not sound related.

  • Anonymous

Force touch. Technology available since 1995 and used in 2 Sega consoles. But of course to the Apple Fanbois it's an Apple "innovation" and everyone else is copying. . . .

  • Anonymous

Knock wakeup function is made by LG. Somewhat similar in idea but it use sound detection not screen pressure.

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