Froyo update rolling out for Galaxy S in the UK, Apollo is next

5 November, 2010

Samsung may have hit a snag with the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, but that has been sorted out and the update is already rolling out in the UK. And it was about time - with Android 2.3 and 3.0 looming on the horizon.

We've been keeping track of the Froyo update for the Galaxy S since unofficial versions started flying around the Internet and we even tried it out. There were some delays, unconfirmed reports say it was because of bugs.

Anyway, the update is now available for UK users - to update your Samsung I9000 Galaxy S you'll need the Samsung Kies software (the latest version) and just follow this instructional video. The rollout is a gradual process, but all the UK networks should have it by the end of the month.

Android 2.2 Froyo brings a healthy performance boost including the web browser. Other goodies include Flash 10.1.

Some reports say that the Froyo update is rolling out in Sweden and the Netherlands too.

Samsung Mobile UK also mentioned that the Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo will be getting a taste of Froyo once the I9000 Galaxy S rollout is done.



Reader comments

  • adehh

@steve:­­5-samsung-i5800-gets-froyo-? a bunch of users on their forums have already flashed their phones with these

  • steve

Apologies - my post below should have said: I called Samsung UK today and was told there are no plans for Froyo on the APOLLO. Said this was one reason that would put me of buying and could they confirm. Was put through to tech support who confirme...

  • Joe_shi

Correction to my previous post, after update you will have to go applications-->Market , accept the terms. From now on you can access it from home screen itself.