FT: Apple is facing poor yield of iPhone casings made in India

Michail, 14 February 2023

A new report from the Financial Times claims 50% of all iPhone casings made in India at the moment are rejected by Apple quality control. The report is based on information from former Apple employees and specifies the low yield issue in Indian manufacturing giant Tata’s plant located in Hosur. No other manufacturing plants were mentioned in the report.

FT: Apple is facing poor yield of iPhone casings made in India

The new report claims that the low iPhone casing yield in India is a big hit on Apple’s plans to outsource a larger chunk of iPhone manufacturing in India. The former Apple employees cited in the report believe that the casing yield situation will improve, but the process will likely take a significant amount of time and effort.

Based on a recent report, Apple is planning to move up to 25% of all iPhone production in India by 2025 and up to 50% by 2027.

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  • Anonymous
  • 01 Sep 2023
  • K2y

impossible... its number 1 worldwide in terms of sales number

No wonder for riches its German>Japanese>American. American cars can't anyhow compete with German or Japanese cars.

Isn't Volkswagen the biggest car manufacturer in the world right now surpassing Toyota?

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