Further Pixel 6 details - Whitechapel matches SD870, 120Hz display, 5,000mAh battery

Ivan, 25 May 2021

Yesterday we got a report about Google's upcoming Pixel 6 and 6 Pro and their custom Whiechapel chip and now we have some more details to add to that courtesy of another insider.

Google's custom Whitechapel chip, designed in cooperation with Samsung on its 5nm process, will reach the level of performance of a Snapdragon 870. Google will focus on the machine learning and artificial intelligence aspect of the chip to further enhance its performance. The graphics on the Whitechapel chipset will be handled by a Mali GPU, which reportedly works well under load.

According to yesterday's report by Weinbach, the Google Pixel 6 will have a FullHD+ display with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, while the Pixel 6 Pro will have a QHD+ with the same 120Hz refresh.


Reader comments

  • Silver

It looks very very good. Beautiful.

  • Anon

I upgraded from the Pixel 2XL to the 5 about 4 months ago. Over all the 2XL was a faster and nicer phone. I've gotten used to the gestures and I can say I like them. The P5 only came in one size and was a good deal smaller than the 2XL. I miss t...

  • Anonymous

Google should shrink this model. Width is only 1mm shorter than 6pro.

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