Galaxy Note10 cutout wallpapers now available on Galaxy Store

Michail, 22 August 2019

Back when Samsung released its Galaxy S10 line, the initial response to the new Infinity-O displays was mixed. Some embraced the new punch-hole design while others despised it. Then we saw a slew of creative new wallpapers which helped to mask the obtrusive cutout pop-up on Reddit and eventually make their way to Samsung’s own Galaxy Store. Now Samsung’s new Note10 line is getting the same treatment for its new centered Infinity-O display.

If you managed to scoop up a Galaxy Note10 or a Galaxy Note10+ you can head over to the Galaxy Store’s Theme section and choose between a wide variety of creative wallpapers from artist like Marylou Faure, Scott Martin and Gemma Correll all for free. The wallpapers are also adapted to support the Galaxy S10 models and Samsung says it will work with even more creators to expand the wallpaper collection going forward.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Apple vehemently blocks app developer to hide the notch.. It even asks them to highlight the notch LOL

  • note and iphone user

cool.. now users can make creative wallpapers..

  • dsp4

Like apple isn't trying to hide that massive notch with their bubble/planet backgrounds.