Galaxy Note9 gets an all-day unboxing from T-Mobile

Vlad, 09 August 2018

Samsung's Galaxy Note9 is the star of the mobile world today, and for good reason. You've probably seen our announcement post, our hands-on review, and the details regarding prices and availability, so now how about an unboxing video?

It's not your average unboxing video, though. T-Mobile has in the past used some pretty wild settings for unboxing new phones, and in this case the company's resident unboxer @AskDes decided to create an all-day unboxing to basically see if he'd last longer than the phone.

Well, spoiler alert: no. Then again, let's not forget that the day included one plane, two trains, nine roller-coaster rides, a jet ski, a paragliding flight, and over 5,000 vertical feet. So it was quite the experience, captured faithfully by the Note9 of course.

The Note9 goes on pre-order at the magenta carrier at midnight ET ahead of the August 24 release. The full prices are the same as everywhere else in the US: $999.99 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, or $1,249.99 with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of internal space.

If you go the equipment installment (EIP) route, you'll pay $279.99 down then 24 monthly payments of $30 for the base model. If you want the top of the line specs you'll need to shell out $529.99 upfront, the installments remain the same.

If you're using Jump On Demand, only the 128GB Note9 is available, for $81.99 down and $40/month for a year and a half. T-Mobile will also be offering the Galaxy Watch later this year, for $375 (42mm) or $400 (46mm). You can get this one with EIP as well - it's $15 down and 24 monthly payments of $15 for the smaller version, or $16 down and $16 per month for the bigger one.


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Eyy, my man! Stay Mobile my dude!

Why is that? What don't you get?

  • Anonymous

Unboxing videos are something I have and will never understand.

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