Galaxy S23 pre-booking campaign in the US closes in 2 days, last chance for up to $100 credit

Peter, 30 January 2023

Three weeks ago Samsung US kicked off a pre-booking campaign for the Galaxy S23 flagships and the Galaxy Book3 laptops. This campaign is almost over – there are only 2 days left – which means that this is your last chance to secure $50 or $100 in Samsung Credit.

The so-called “reservation” is really just an email reminder with a prize attached. You need to enter your name and email (optionally your phone number too) and wait. Once you get the email, pre-ordering a phone and/or laptop will get you that Credit. If you change your mind, then just ignore the email (you won’t get the credit, though).

Last chance to pre-book a Galaxy S23 and/or Galaxy Book3 in the US and score some Samsung Credit
Last chance to pre-book a Galaxy S23 and/or Galaxy Book3 in the US and score some Samsung Credit

There is only one catch in this and it is that you have to decide right now whether you want just a phone or just a laptop (both options come with $50 credit), you can also choose to reserve both (this gets you $100 credit).

Note that the Samsung Credit is the perk just for reserving a Galaxy phone or laptop now. The actual pre-orders will have additional perks attached to them, though Samsung has not confirmed what those will be (unofficially, we hear that there will be a free upgrade to the next memory tier).

Follow this link to to reserve a Galaxy S23 phone and/or a Galaxy Book3 laptop. If you’re still not sure you whether you want one or not, check out our detailed What to expect post for an in-depth look at what’s to come. Again, you can always change your mind and not go through with the pre-order.

The pre-booking campaign ends on 12:59pm EST this Wednesday.


Reader comments

Last chance to get 100$ off instead of waiting 6 weeks and getting it for half price

I know but we aren't exactly paying a very small amount of money. Flagships cost way too much for people to have any dumb issues like that

yes this store credit stuff is the worst 'deal' ever. indeed in some months samsung will come up with way better stuff

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