Galaxy S II for T-Mobile faster than its Exynos-packing sibling

07 October, 2011

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II is around the corner for T-Mobile USA customers, but if you've been keeping track of the many variations of the S II, you'll know it's not the same as the international or the AT&T version.

The Galaxy S II for T-Mobile swaps out the Exynos chipset for a Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 chipset with two 1.5GHz Scorpion cores and Adreno 220 graphics (vs. two 1.2GHz cores Cortex-A9 and Mali-400MP GPU). The screen is bigger than the one on the international version too - a 4.52" SuperAMOLED Plus screen with WVGA resolution.

How does the T-Mobile version of S II stack up against the Exynos versions? Well, someone already ran Quadrant and it scored 3841. In our benchmarks, the Exynos in the international Galaxy S II scored 3538 in the same benchmark.

Here's the benchmark on video:

If that's got your attention, the Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile will be available on October 10th online and October 12th nationwide in US stores. It costs $230 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

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Reader comments

  • Josh

CF-Score of t-mo SGS II Native Score - 11555 Java - 3578 Overall - 6768 I don't really care about the score, but I'm disappointed in the SGS II's SAMOLED+ Screen. It's not good when it's set to low brightness.

  • LER

really don't care what the TMobile version has. We all know the Galaxy S3 when it debuts at MWC or next Winter/Spring will have a much faster chip anyway. I'm really getting sick of all the vs. this vs. that junk. Sure, the Iphone 4s is faster ...

  • James

Yes its true the tmobile version is the fastest of all, i have att and my wife has tmobile , sorry to say tmobile version killed it!!