Galaxy S II for T-Mobile faster than its Exynos-packing sibling

07 October, 2011
The Samsung Galaxy S II variant with Snapdragon S3 chipset and bigger screen launches on October 10.

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  • Josh

CF-Score of t-mo SGS II

Native Score - 11555
Java - 3578
Overall - 6768

I don't really care about the score, but I'm disappointed in
the SGS II's SAMOLED+ Screen.
It's not good when it's set to low brightness.

  • LER

really don't care what the TMobile version has.

We all know the Galaxy S3 when it debuts at MWC or next Winter/Spring will have a much faster chip anyway. I'm really getting sick of all the vs. this vs. that junk. Sure, the Iphone 4s is faster than the original Galaxy SII as well.

What do you want people to do? Pay another ETF and switch carriers to get the phone that is the fastest for the next 6 months. Gimme an effing break!

  • James

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2011I must say i played with this version of the SGS 2 and it was th... moreYes its true the tmobile version is the fastest of all, i have att and my wife has tmobile , sorry to say tmobile version killed it!!

  • Anonymous

I must say i played with this version of the SGS 2 and it was the SLOWEST of them all. I ran a benchmark and got a whopping 2577 after 10 runs!!! I dont believe these speeds at all!!

  • Larbear

Guys calm down, stop getting your panties in a bunch over this with "OH NO HE DIDNT! THE EXYNOS WASNT OC'D! SO THIS ISNT RIGHT!" Come on guys he is doing a review over ***OUT OF THE BOX*** and when you take T-Mobiles Variant out of the box it scores better. Not "WELL IF YOU MODIFY THE OTHER VARIANTS THEY ARE BETTER!!!" Also in regaurds to a comment i was reading about T-Mobiles 4G Network Heres how i look at it. Glorified 3G Or LTE 4G Or w.e you want. (Hypothetical if you are in a major city) If i say You can have 42mbs or even 21mbs with T-Mobile Or 8mbs - 20mbs with Verizon Sprint or AT&T, What are you going to do? Opt out of faster speeds because "Its not a different type of network than 3g!"? When LTE Branches out and gets faster i can understand someone saying i would rather have my Web 4G LTE But why pick a slower type of network just because it is called something different? And In regaurds to why Quallcom over Exynos I know first hand that it was because it needed to be capable to run the 42mbs.

  • EdB

Folks, we know that this one is 1.5ghz and the Exyons is on a 1.2ghz. They're just saying it's the fastest SGSII. They're saying it won. Some folks were doubting the Qualcomm because they were unaware of the 1.5 or they thought the 1.5 wouldn't make up for it. Don't take it personally. It's just a phone. ...but the T-Mobile variant is the king. Your device is still good. ;-)

  • irvinehooi

No. The result will be different if both CPUs are running at the same clock speed. Current the one running at 1.5GHz and the other one is running at 1.2GHz.

We should compare when the Snapdragon S3 chipset at 1.5GHz and Exynos chipset at 1.5GHz. Then only we will know the result.

I personally think that Exynos chipset will have an upper hand when running the same clock speed as it competitor.


  • Anonymous

Duh! Qualcomm 1.5ghz vs Exynos 1.2ghz take note of the benchmark scores 3500+ against 3800+. Thats a handicap. Have you seen the overclocked exynos at 1.4ghz that scored 4100+? Well in terms of GPU still MALI400 is the king.

  • Anonymous

S3 SUPREME , 08 Oct 2011m0sk, The CPU in the Sensation is an MSM 8260 1.2GHz. The C... moreProcessors with Krait will be released around 2q/3q 2012, they are still far away, all high end Qualcomm SoCs now still use Scorpion cores.

  • epolaris

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2011The exynos handles 21mbs down actually. That's the speed the Gs2... moreWell I did say I think (though I do believe that it was quoted in some articles that I read, could be wrong though)... In any case, that's probably why they chose Qualcomm's chipset over Samsung's. Qualcomm has better support seeing as they already made a compliant chipset for tmobile that was used in the tmobile G2 and its ilk(which is the generation of Snapdragon chipsets used just before this one). And you're probably right about the fact that most users will probably never see the "4G" speeds they keep talking about. Those numbers for the most part are almost always theoretical. Real life performance with thousands and thousands of people on a network will bring that figure way down to typical 3G speeds or just above that..
As far as the Adreno 220 is concerned. Its definitely the best version their GPU. Though, seeing as Qualcomm do make very good CPU's and its clocked to 1.5Ghz yet, its still getting scores in a similar range suggest that its probably still a bit out of its league but definitely getting better. Exynos clocked at 1.5Ghz will probably defeat it.. Besides personally, I don't think Quadrant is the best thing for testing anymore(maybe a year ago but not now).
I like Snapdragons, overall their great.. I think next time around, they could probably be the ones to beat.

  • Anonymous

StopCrying, 08 Oct 2011The T-Mobile USA version is superior. Period. No matter how many... moreYou are forgetting that this one is 1.5ghz dual core and the exynos was at 1.2ghz dual. Even though the exynos has a better gpu that difference makes a big difference. Though its about time snapdragon finaly came out with a gpu that was actually current and up to date. Someone clock their exynos to 1.5ghz and let us see those results.....idk what happened to gsmarena anymore these days. Something is different and for the worse.


AnonD-25340, 07 Oct 2011I dont get it , isn't it the same procesor inside the HTC Sensa... morem0sk,

The CPU in the Sensation is an MSM 8260 1.2GHz.
The CPU in the T-Mo GS2 is an APQ 8060 1.5GHz.
The architecture in the MSM uses the Scorpion Cores (from late 2009)
The new architecture in the APQ uses the Krait Cores.

P.S. the Amaze 4G will also use the same CPU (APQxxxx) as the T-Mo SG2.
So performance will be about the same the only difference is that Touch-Wiz 4 doesn't use as many resources as Sense 3.0

Anyone correct me if im wrong.

  • Anonymous

Its faster because of the Adreno 220 gpu

  • Baldilocks

I don't see how it's faster? The Exynos versions are getting over 3700 on Quadrant and 90+ on Linpac.

  • Anonymous

Galaxy S2 Tmobile with Adreno 220 GPU gets 54.5fps in Nenamark 2 benchmark and Exynos gets around 46fps.

  • Anonymous

Actually Galaxy SII Exynos with lastest stock update 2.3.5 get 4000+ now. 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 were slower.

  • StopCrying

The T-Mobile USA version is superior. Period. No matter how many reports of scores being 4000+ at default clock speed with the ATT/International device, it's not true as everyone has already checked out actual test results of those devices. To reach the scores you guys are boasting about requires overclocking. Your phone isn't an exception to the capability of the device's processing unit. Bottom line is that the Snapdragon S3 chipset is a bit faster overall. As far as Exynos & overclocking goes, it will still lose against an OC'd SDS3 CPU.

Common Sense

  • Anonymous

AnonD-25340, 07 Oct 2011I dont get it , isn't it the same procesor inside the HTC Sensa... morePartially because of higher resolution and based on the fact that the galaxy just are better. Lol

  • Anonymous

epolaris, 07 Oct 2011Makes sense.. But I think I know why they didnt go with Exynos. ... moreThe exynos handles 21mbs down actually. That's the speed the Gs2 gets. What I don't get is why they did that. TMobile is not really going to see 42mbps in my opinion at the moment. When is this actually supposed to happen? 4G.....or what they are calling 4G which is quite litterally just glorified 3G......Just cam out oh so long ago and you don't even really see that speed fully yet. I think it's a loss. Luckily this recent snap dragon has an ok gpu compared to all other up to date. I want to see how it would fair if the exynos was at a 1.5ghz clock. Anyone test that out?

  • darkangels6sic6

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2011these screen sizes are becoming a joke. Who needs this sXXt? Bli... moreWell you don't like the big screens, but there are many more people who do. There are also people that complain that they don't need to be thin, or they get to fat, or that they don't need projectors, or nice caneras, or good codec supports, or hd video. But it's all great invention and innovation and they are all different phones for all diferent people. The ones like gs2 are for us who want powerful phones and big ravishing screens. XD they have ones like the wave that has a beautiful 3.3inch super amoled.