Galaxy S II for T-Mobile faster than its Exynos-packing sibling

07 October, 2011
The Samsung Galaxy S II variant with Snapdragon S3 chipset and bigger screen launches on October 10.

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  • AnonD-19189

News flash I have the UK SGS2 and i hit 3700 on quadrant ( the most unreliable benchmark app there is,) so not that impressive.
Custom rom, no OC

  • AnonD-24543

Not THAT good news for the SGSII international version owners...

What's that with Samsung and the same model wondering around the world with the same code name, but different specs? It feels like cheating in a way...

  • Anonymous

the international version with custom rom and kernel can score more than 4000+. the exynos chipset is very good

  • Shail

WHat can be the expected retail price??

  • AnonD-14563

With 2.3.5, the international version scores between 3800 and 4200, so this one with a 300MHz bump should score much more

  • AnonD-12437

the main things i would want to know is how does is stack up with codec support, and how is the browser flash performance? because those were the 2 things we know and love exynos for mainly