Galaxy Watch7 tipped to bring blood sugar monitoring

Michail, 26 April 2024

Non-invasive blood sugar monitoring is the next frontier for wearables and a new report from South Korea suggests Samsung may launch its next-generation smartwatches with the ability to monitor users’ blood sugar levels.

According to the report, Hon Pak who serves as SVP of Samsung Electronics and is the head of digital healthcare met with Samsung Health advisory board members at the company’s Medical Center in Seoul to discuss the progress on blood sugar monitoring and its implementation into smart wearables.

Galaxy Watch7 tipped to bring blood sugar monitoring

The talk reportedly covered a host of other topics including AI advancements in health monitoring as well as advancements in detecting heart arrhythmia and hypertension. The report did not disclose any details as to how the blood sugar monitoring system would function.

Galaxy Watch7 series is expected to debut on July 10 alongside the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Fold6 and Flip6. Watch7 series is expected to debut with a new Exynos W940 chipset claimed to be 50% more efficient than its predecessor and up to 32GB storage.



Reader comments

I have Ultra 2 (My First Apple Watch) and Watch 6 Classic 47mm. Though Ultra 2 wins on the UI fluidity, display, easy to use with iPhone, excellent battery....actually, I miss Blood Pressure monitor in Ultra 2 whereas Watch 6 Classic has BP, ECG and ...

  • Anonymous
  • 29 Apr 2024
  • eBv

have tried measuring with my watch 5 and my friend's watch ultra 2 both give the same results. not sure why you claim galaxy watch is less accurate. perhaps the only way to tell exactly is to go for a run with both but it has been proven tha...

I've used it on Apple Watch 5 and it wasn't this a** as it is on my Galaxy Watch 4. In fact it worked great there. So, yeah, I have used it. I'm wondering if YOU actually have or you're just quoting crap you read somewhere online ...

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