Galaxy Z Flip4 vs. Find N2 Flip: Our long-term Flip review

GSMArena Team, 12 June 2023.


The world's best selling foldable smartphone form factor is the flip style. Oppo has joined the fray on the global scale this year with the international launch of the Find N2 Flip - a device that's very obviously meant to compete head-on with Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip4, the latest iteration in the world's best selling foldable line. If you're having any doubts, just look at them - the Find N2 Flip is so similar-looking to its Samsung-made counterpart that even their purple colorways are almost identical.

With all that in mind, we decided to review both of these long-term, but there won't be two separate long-term reviews - they're just so similar to each other that we thought a better option would be to create our first ever comparative long-term review. So it's the Galaxy Z Flip4 vs. Find N2 Flip all the way.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 vs. Oppo Find N2 Flip long-term review

We'll go through all the usual sections, focusing on the same things we usually do in long-term reviews - it's just that, in this case, there will be two phones to talk about instead of one, and we'll let you know how they directly compare in each area, as well as which one 'wins' a specific category in our subjective view. There will be no 'final score' however, as the point isn't to say one of these is better than the other - they both have their strengths and weaknesses, and we want to stress which those are so that, if you're looking to purchase a device in this form factor, you can make an informed decision.

It's been fun alternating between the Galaxy Z Flip4 (which from now on we'll refer to as "Flip4") and the Find N2 Flip ("N2 Flip" from now on, for our sanity's sake), and even using them side by side at times, just to get a better feeling of how they are similar and how they are different. Quick spoiler: they are indeed very close in some areas, but also perhaps surprisingly far from each other in some important ways. We'll get to all of that in the next few pages of this review, so why don't you join us?

Reader comments

  • Lavkesh k singh
  • 09 Oct 2023
  • 7kk

Super disappointed in Samsung Flip. Screen broke at the fold junction, and needs repair. Turns out an overwhelming number of users have the same issue. This is just a cool looking hardware with no durability

  • Fliplife
  • 16 Jun 2023
  • vCL

I’d prefer the Samsung. That’s just me. I like how it’s more discreet design.

  • Dali
  • 16 Jun 2023
  • IbG

Exactly. This is why i take phone reviews with a grain of salt. Same with all Xperias except the 10s you can use your main cameras for selfies. That's why Xperias with dedicated camera button trumps all. So versatile. You can take pictures...