Gigabyte GSmart Aku A1

Gigabyte GSmart Aku A1

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  • Anonymous

Having bought this back when it came out, it was a great phone for its price.
However, years later, the entire back started to show signs of disgusting rubber reversion and is pretty gross to hold. You could try mending it with powder (talc, cornstarch etc) or wiping the rubber away with 95% alcohol.

  • Anonymous

Its not a bad cheap little phone (well I say little.. Its not big but not tiny.. Its a nice palm size phone).

I've not really used the camera as its 5.0mp (I think) and my old phone with the same megapixels was not amazing but not terrable (if your used to the old VGA phones lol) did have to take a few same shots to get a decent one sometimes (and zooming-in showed not a great picture due to 'grain' but it was ok) & shots were effected by other stuff (sunlight, darkness etc just like old phone cameras) you learn to work with what you have.

The screen is not the best, viewing angles can be bothersome at times but I mainly just use the phoneal as a cheap movie cast device so that doesnt bother me (yes I can cast 720p & even 1080p movies/videos, but some do or can 'stutter' due to lag at times (due to the mix of encoding or interferance) so I prefer 720p which I've had very little problem with).

Its not great for gaming but then again it wasn't meant to be (most games are for newer android versions 4.4+) but you can play a fair few (if your bothered at all).

its a Quad-Core, which handles quite a lot ..I've had very few issues with playing movies (both 720p & a few 1080p) when I've been bored.

It seems faster than a Quad-Core Alcatel One Touch Pixel 3 (I think it was), which annoyed me a tone by randomly freeing & even the power button did nothing at times.

It can cast, which saves me a lot of time faffing with wires or other methods.

Sound quality is ok, its not the best as it can get a little 'tinny' and not all the 'notes' are sharp but it does have an equaliser which can make music sound a little better (even fake surround sound with echo) which is nice expecially when I'm out listening to music (also quality can depend on your ear phones as some don't have noise canceling or have poor sound boost etc).

  • Baz

Can any one please help, I am trying to find a supplier of a battery for my Aku A1 phone.As mine has had it now after two and a half years.

  • AnonD-566942

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2015where did y6ou find the user manualLook here manual for Gigabyte GSmart Aku A1 - i hope it help you

  • dod

Where I can find new battery and glass for the screen and screw for inside plastic under the cover

  • danny

Very good device.

  • Aku

It was nice at first but in the second day I noticed that the vibrating function wasn't working. Also mobile data didnt work for unknown reasons, but wi-fi worked. Maybe it was just a defective unit. For totall i have used it for about 2 years now and performance has gotten low in the past month. It's good that it can play still all the new games on play market.

  • Anonymous

dont really have much to say about the phone BUT trying to get a replacement battery is impossible .can anyone offer any help please
(only service agent in uk ,as stated on GSMART web page, nolonger deal with them)

  • Purplebunnie

I've had this phone for about 18 months (a present), what I hate about it is, there was no manual. Battery life is ok but then I don't use it for games etc. My problem is that when I try to use the camera, I get the message - unfortunately, gallery has stopped. I've tried switching the damn thing off & on again - still no luck. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks

  • magician

pingu, 18 Apr 2014New to smartphones & set this one up so easily {for an ... morego into settings .then go in to audio profiles you will then see general ring ,,,then press on right hand side then press voice call ringtones ""all ringtones will be displayed for you to selectl

  • rahul

This is very. Good

  • rahul

This is very. Good

  • driv4r

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2015where did y6ou find the user manualJust go to this page and you'll see:

  • Anonymous

Baglady, 06 Jan 2015I've found a manual on line but can't find anywhere that sh... morewhere did y6ou find the user manual

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2015I have this phone (gsmart aku a1) like one year. But there ... moreHad nine months same deleted face book messenger didn't like. Since never able to download ap same tons of storage space no matter where default write set it says insufficient space. No support from gsmart numbers gone dead supplied on warranty. Feel like been scammed

  • Sanya

Bad experience: In Hungary, using a Vodafone-HU sim card and a bluetooth headset, when i get an incoming call from a Vodafone phone number, or i try to call a vodafone phone number, the telephone lost the connection, i need to enter PIN again. All of this happen only if 3G enabled. If i switch it off, or use another provider's SIM card, everything OK. The headset i use perfectly works in another four other telephone. I tried 3 different Vodafone-HU SIM cards, all were the same. And earlier when i tried to copy some videos from a Nokia-6230i over bluetooth connection, the Gigabyte keep switched off the bluetooth right after the data transfer started. The connection was lost and the bluetooth switched on again automatically.

  • AnonD-353656

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2015I have this phone (gsmart aku a1) like one year. But there ... morewhen that hapened, go storage and than click on cached data,and clear the cash

  • polly

johnny, 01 May 2014I received the phone yesterday and already I had to charged... moreGot cover from ebay wallet kind

  • Anonymous

I have this phone (gsmart aku a1) like one year. But there is a problem. In my phone storage there is like 1.50 GB (gygabait) on SD card the same.I go to google play, market and i want to download a ge which is like 50 MB and it says:mistake downloading a game. There isnt enough space on your device. And thats with every game. Game is like from 20 to 100 MB I have 1.50 GB in SD card and 1.49 GB in phone storage and it says not enough space on your device. WTF??? Help me please :///

  • Baglady

I've found a manual on line but can't find anywhere that shows me how to download photos to my PC. No problems with the battery life, just wish the damn thing came with a proper manual or at least set up disc