Gigabyte GSmart Aku A1

Gigabyte GSmart Aku A1

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  • Baglady
  • 0FH
  • 06 Jan 2015

I've found a manual on line but can't find anywhere that shows me how to download photos to my PC. No problems with the battery life, just wish the damn thing came with a proper manual or at least set up disc

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    • Rio
    • nw}
    • 01 Nov 2014

    Same here I have had my Gsmart Aku phone for 11 months now phone works great no problems, just can't find any where to get a new battery as a spare.
    Anyone that can help ??

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      • user
      • mtr
      • 11 Oct 2014

      i have this phone one year. it is still in good condition. no freezing and fast working. i like this phone. cheap and good.

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        • RHP485
        • 3DX
        • 05 Oct 2014

        I have had this phone for 6 - 7 months and I find it alright. However, does anyone know where you can the batteries for it in th UK because so far I have drawn a blank???

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          • horseshoe
          • Lec
          • 26 Sep 2014

          My sis and I have this phone for half a year, it blocked a few times, but after locking and unlocking screen it goes back to normal. I charge mine's battery for every 2-3 days and my sis for every 4-5 days (she uses less than I do). So I think it's a good phone

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            • A.H
            • HIJ
            • 24 Sep 2014

            aku a1 is best phone for me!

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              • le_drago
              • LfS
              • 02 Jul 2014

              My phone have dust between touchscreen and display, i sent him to warranty 2 times, problem not solved. Anyone has this problem?? Hot to fix this??

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                • whatthefuck
                • gK9
                • 02 Jul 2014

                all those complaining about the battery life. you are either not charging for the correct time or you are leaving apps running. TURN THEM OFF WHEN NOT IN USE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                like light bulbs if you leave them on they will use electric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                  • Dicky Mint
                  • nET
                  • 24 May 2014

                  I have had this phone for about a month now and when i saw it advertised on TV they were selling a USB plug to plug into the TV so that it was possible to send via Bluetooth pictures from the phone to the TV unfortunately they ran out of said USB plugs and i am wondering where i might get one and what is the name of this plug?

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                    • graham
                    • 32V
                    • 08 May 2014

                    Anonymous, 30 Apr 2014Bought this phone 2 weeks ago works fine but battery flat w... moregood phone but battery very poor

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                      • Yaxleymartyr
                      • mpe
                      • 06 May 2014

                      Had this phone 3 weeks and when I first tried out this phone using the data connection, it sent an email and shut me out. I couldn't switch it back on, it was a hot day so I wondered if there was a problem with working in warm conditions,it later allowed me to switch it back on. I ran this by customer services who answered my question re settings but omitted the heating situation. Then again today using data it sent an email switched of and couldn't get it to come back on, until I put it on charge, prior to sending the email it was on 98% it was now showing 50% but quickly went up to 78%, appears to me to be an issue with the battery discharging, anybody else had this problem

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                        • johnny
                        • n5x
                        • 01 May 2014

                        I received the phone yesterday and already I had to charged 3 times. It battery doesn't seem to last long. Also I am having great difficulty looking for phone cover (prefer bookcase rather pouch)

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                          • Anonymous
                          • nGu
                          • 30 Apr 2014

                          Bought this phone 2 weeks ago works fine but battery flat within 36 hours even on standby,charging constantly even when not on internet.Anyone else got this problem?

                            • z
                            • zander
                            • m5m
                            • 26 Apr 2014

                            Does anyone know how I can get, or if there is an instruction manual. As an OAP and this is my first smartphone. I could really use one.

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                              • neillyg
                              • nGc
                              • 19 Apr 2014

                              No manual or instructions supplied by seller.

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                                • pingu
                                • nEr
                                • 18 Apr 2014

                                New to smartphones & set this one up so easily {for an OAP} but cannot find how to get a ringtone on it?

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                                  • gman
                                  • nGk
                                  • 11 Apr 2014

                                  Lockout, 09 Feb 2014Well i have it my self, lags sometimes, well not very good ... moreBut does it have a spell checker!!!

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 3qx
                                    • 02 Apr 2014

                                    Hi, I have been reading some previous comments about this phone and, just as I expected, thoughts about it are somewhat different.

                                    Question: For a undemanding user, would this phone for a price of about 110 euros be a smart buy?

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                                      • AnonD-247360
                                      • 0C7
                                      • 24 Mar 2014

                                      on the official gsmart webpage there is one case..

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                                        • AnonD-246262
                                        • snR
                                        • 24 Mar 2014

                                        Great phone, have it fot about a month and i highly recommend it, especially due to his low price. works better then much more expensive like the galaxy 3 and more.....Great