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  • Anonymous

i got this phone (gionee A1), worked fine for 7months, and suddenly it started hanging, it freezes and you have to unlock twice for it to function.. anytime i charge the phone it is always very,very very HOT to the extent i wont be able to put it in my pocket. i took it to gionee service center in Ikeja (computer village). the software was upgraded and the battery was checked.
Till date the phone is still having the SAME issues the service center tried to fix.

i just wish i could swap the phone.

  • Puffinrain

Anthony, 21 Jul 2019I got A Gionee A1 last October 2018, in June 2019, the phon... moreI am having the same problem. Did you get any solution for it. Was the phone fixed?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2018Exactly yes true

  • Anthony

I got A Gionee A1 last October 2018, in June 2019, the phone screen frequently stop to respond to touch until i lock the screen and unlock it again. I have to do this frequently to use the use the phone.
I went to the Gionee Centre in Banex, Wuse 2 Abuja, and I was informed that my phone was not meant for Nigeria and they are not sure of the problem. I either pay for OS installation or Screen replacement.

I was really irritated. I expected a better treatment from Gionee Service Centre. So far Gionee service Centre is the worst service Centre i have ever visited in Nigeria.

  • Anonymous

i am not able to update the software.getting error massage net work error please check network.i have connected to wifi.

  • Confidence

Gionee A1 has infrared at the back is together with flash light, go and check

  • Shaheed

Pls my phone sending massage to someone automatically and its charged to my account

  • MT Balarabe

Tee, 18 Feb 2018Am a nigerian and have used this phone for 8 months now wit... moreI'm a Nigerian too, the phone is good, but, as I'm using the phone, all of a sudden the call speaker gets very low that I can't hear very well, what do u think I should doing?

  • Anonymous

This phone has so many problems, it usually get overheated and automatically get switched off and important one phone is not charging. One day it will charge and 2 days it will not charge. I m frustrated with it. Please suggest me a solution related to its charging issue.

  • Hariharan

There is an audio lag when i connect Bluetooth headphones! How can i solve these problems? Please suggest a right way!

  • gablexmachel

This phone is good but has issues in the long run. It stopped receiving some SMS and sometimes scrolls itself. Anyway the features are great.

  • Cy

Jeevan , 17 Feb 2018Sometimes touch is not working. But the phone is working. A... moreSame problem here I thought it was because I cracked my screen, did you crack your screen?

  • Abhishek Soni

I bought this phone before 2year and now it will automatically switch off when we work in it And before this when i switch on the phone the battery power will get down very fast from 100 to 10 like you counting a number

Please give me suggestions to fix that issue

  • Anonymous

Overheating, UI not responding, hanging.. Some of the problems of gionee A1.

  • Anonymous

Overheating is one of gionee a1, the heat could cause your cheek to seal while on a call for a long time. It also hangs at intervals even after performing a restart or force power off it would still hang. I've formatted my phone on 3 occasions and install all apps afresh but the phone is just rubbish.

  • Anonymous

Annalia, 30 Nov 2018Phone is all good.. But when it comes to the charger,when p... moreits the indication of fast charging if the beep sound not came it is in normal charging

  • Binu

Very bad costumer services..Taking long time to repair the complaints..

  • Anonymous

Over heating, hanging problem, some times SMS not recieve this phone

  • mathiyalagan

this is an sw issues kindly go service centre and update sw after that auto sms clear it

gionee service centre

  • Anonymous

HayWhy, 02 Nov 2018I bought Gionee A1 plus. The phone is very powerful but min... moreI am facing same issue. Phone is automatically Sending SMS to some random number every 10 mins..
I bought the phone 10 days back from Flipkart..

Did you get Any solution for this problem?