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  • Anonymous
  • xjH
  • 29 Sep 2022

Please i need this phone, i dey kano state

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    • DaveReports
    • AAq
    • 10 Jun 2022

    Pls how do I fix Google play services not responding in my Gionee A1 lite

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      • Saviour
      • Nu7
      • 16 Feb 2022

      Good phone so far

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        • Loey
        • Nu7
        • 03 Oct 2021

        *Battery is good
        *Good app management

        *Gets hot like it has a fever
        *Can't be rooted with any app both Android and PC

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          • raziel
          • XBA
          • 21 May 2021

          Though the network is okay but if I want to access the internet through the settings it will not connect like if I want to update the phone or download fonts.. How do I solve this

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            • saroj
            • Pxh
            • 18 Apr 2021

            i have used gionee A1 loite and i am facing the battery problem.
            after 60℅ of using the battery
            the battery drains fastly, 1℅ at 2,3 second
            and i have changed the battery
            still the problem is remained
            what to do for it??
            some suggestions please

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              • Anonymous
              • Nu6
              • 02 Mar 2021

              Ritvik, 14 Feb 2019Very bad mobile I face the problem of volume from first day... moreis not good

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                • chizzy
                • Nue
                • 23 Nov 2020

                Henry , 22 May 2019This is probably the worse phone I have used, the screen gl... morebest phone , i used it for 4yrs , no issue until my screen broke, i want to fix mine , if possible buy it again

                  • c
                  • chizzy
                  • Nue
                  • 23 Nov 2020

                  i used mine for 4years , fell down and the screen was affected, please i need to fix it, can someone link me up?

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                    • Grace
                    • Nu6
                    • 17 Sep 2020

                    I have used this phone for 2 and half years without any problem. I boughta charger that was bad and that led to a spark. That's how I lost my Gionee A1 lite. I enjoyed using it tho. Never had a shaking problem as many people are complaining about

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                      • sesma
                      • Nuf
                      • 05 Aug 2020

                      Anonymous, 15 Dec 2018Jumia is very useless, it happens to my mine too and called... moreSame happened to me

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                        • Lol
                        • PSd
                        • 22 Jul 2020

                        Anonymous, 11 Jun 2020When i try updating system update in my gionee A1 lite i ge... moreSame to me bro 👊

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                          • Anonymous
                          • fnd
                          • 11 Jun 2020

                          When i try updating system update in my gionee A1 lite i get prompted by network error check your internet connection current version is v6035 though iam connected

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                            • Emmys
                            • Nue
                            • 02 Apr 2020

                            Gee, 14 Mar 2019It's a good phone. I have one myself. It had this screen sh... moreSweet phone I've been using it for over a year now very strong phone with clear perfect camera

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                              • Ppl call me AP
                              • rKi
                              • 10 Sep 2019

                              Moses , 17 Aug 2019mine is having this hanging problem. I haven't used it up... moreYea i completely agree that se cant even play games the phone start shaking itself and we cant see the news feed itself it starts shaking

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                                • Anonymous
                                • fC}
                                • 29 Aug 2019

                                Phone gets unexpectedly switched off anytime while using phone. I was told at service center that its a battery issue and new battery will cost around Rs 1000/- INR. and the phone is still under warranty. To utter shock of mine that the battery life is just 1 year.

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                                  • Moses
                                  • r3H
                                  • 17 Aug 2019

                                  KULDEEP, 11 Aug 2018Have you been able to solve this issue I have the same pro... moremine is having this hanging problem.
                                  I haven't used it up to 4months, it shakes at all times.. it's so frustrating I just regret buying it.. my money just lost on the course.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • fCM
                                    • 04 Aug 2019

                                    Anonymous, 22 Jun 2019Phone hangingSame my phone is hanging up 2much Gionee a1lite

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                                      • emmy
                                      • CD5
                                      • 02 Aug 2019

                                      Gee, 14 Mar 2019It's a good phone. I have one myself. It had this screen sh... moreplease bro what did they said was the cause of the screen shake?

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • NvT
                                        • 22 Jun 2019

                                        Phone hanging