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  • Canto

Gionee M2
I have been using since August, 2014.
This phone is perfect for
(i) playing video games ( supported Android 4.2) evenif processor temperature 42 degree +
(ii) setting Live Wall paper on Mobile screen long time for its strong battery back up
(iii) Capturing high quality picture and videos.
I have used this phone for 2 yrs 7 months +. Now this phone is facing a problem due to playing heavy games.

  • srin

google indic keyboard is not uploading to phone

  • asha

Harsh, 11 Jan 2017does gionee M2 is 4G or not????If this is a 4G

  • worst

only for one year use then throw it it is a total waste of money

  • Adil butt

Gionee m2 main satting is not available and google play sarvice is not warking

  • Anonymous

my GM2 takes pictures but I can't view them even in my gallery so I don't know where they are stored

  • alejendro

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2017my m2 mob is not charging so please help mehow old long have you purchas your phone sir???

  • Anonymous

Rohit, 19 Sep 2016I have one gionee m2my m2 mob is not charging so please help me

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2017does Gionee M2 mobile supports OTG? Yue

  • wiseone

touchpad problem, I change my touchpad almost every month and this is embarrassment to me and gionee group@(gionee m2)

  • ank

LoGan, 08 Jan 2017Go to Service Center and Reload Software i was gionee m2 mobile complte upgrading then my mobile not support

  • logan

Harsh, 11 Jan 2017does gionee M2 is 4G or not????no its not Support 4G

  • Harsh

does gionee M2 is 4G or not????

  • Anonymous

does Gionee M2 mobile supports OTG?

  • LoGan

Anonymous, 23 May 2016how can i clear memory full error messageGo to menu > Application Manager > Clear All Data Caches and Cookies

  • LoGan

Aniket, 24 Jun 2016please upgrade to lollipop version it's humble request to u Sorry This Device Can not Upgrade To Lollipop

  • LoGan

Z, 11 Aug 2016can any one suggest me some best rom for m2? with link please dont Install any Custom Rom in ur Device

  • LoGan

gv, 13 Aug 2016From 2 days my mobile show s sd card is currently being checked ... morei think u Ever Been Connected ur Device to Any other PC or laptop, its May be Virus issue. Take A new SD Card and make Sure u r Buying a Original SD card not Second hand or Duplicate

  • LoGan

GUDDU, 11 Oct 2016after updating m2 is not running what i do Go to Service Center and Reload Software

  • LoGan

jogi, 05 Oct 2016Can Any 1 updated m2 8b to lollypop. My prob is that it give on... moreRoot ur Mobile With kingoroot And Uninstall the apps.. that u Dont want in ur Device