Gionee Marathon M5

Gionee Marathon M5

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  • Escaper 85k

lana, 29 Mar 2019It the phone am using, and i want to rebuy it again, how mu... more85k for Gionee M5

  • Wizzy-Gee

When I am doing something after sometime it will just remove, how can I stop it from removing?

  • TM101

AnonD-406691, 14 Jan 2017please i need serious help and attention my Gionee M5 scre... moreI am having same problem of blinking screen before back light turns off and when my data is turned on the phone runs a very temperature and same time draining my battery .. Gionee M5

  • Alibitrus

Anonymous, 24 May 2017How I remove guest mode from gionee without pass word becau... moreIs nice phone

  • Adetayo

I want to update my phone pls how can we do it

  • Walz

michael AS, 22 Sep 2019please i just want to restart my gionee marathon M5 this mo... morePls I need a original screen for gionee m5 or if u have a bad one I can buy the screen

  • Anonymous

MAMMAN, 06 Nov 2019Pls guys can i get gionee m5 marathon screen and touch arro... moreyes you can for 23000 naira only


Pls guys can i get gionee m5 marathon screen and touch arround Sokoto, My screen got broken,pls if i can get kindly notifying me

  • michael AS

please i just want to restart my gionee marathon M5 this morning and up till now is not coming up, while l was flying from lagos to port-harcourt, the phone get very hot when l brine it out from my pocket
please whats the problem with it and how can this be fix

  • Anonymous

Fortune, 25 May 2018Since I upgraded my sims to 4LTE, my phone has been recogni... moreHard reset it

  • Tornado

MAKKY , 01 Aug 2017my gionee m5 marathon front camera suddenly stopped working... moreMy gionee m5 marathon back camera just to show then my front camera will be upside Down please where can i fis it?

  • Anonymous

I am using wife my phone gionee m5 for a long time, but now the said phone is not showing my SD card I don't no why. please kindly help and assist me.

  • Oj

Adrianna , 23 May 2017My Gionee M5 battery status remain at a particular percenta... moreMy problem is that my gionee m5plus wasn't in gust mode password and since almost two days now he was asking for password before it can be off on my phone but all my best in it still asking for password without setting any password on it ...kindly help me out please..

  • Ben

Being using this phone since September of 2016 and this is June of 2019. No issues but the only challenge is memory space. Can't download apps and install into SD card, rather it will be downloaded into phone memory which is full. Had to uninstall lots of apps cos of no space and can't move them to SD card.

  • Anonymous

My dual sim is only allowing one sim to work

  • Timmy-E

Pls guys can i get gionee m5 screen and touch around lagos if it get broken?.. I would appreciat anyone's response pls..

  • lana

It the phone am using, and i want to rebuy it again, how much is it now

  • Otunba

KUMASCO, 09 Feb 2019Where can i buy this device Gionee MARATON M5Well,the new one is not available in the market,I got mine on OLX but it is used.


Where can i buy this device Gionee MARATON M5

  • Ariane

chess, 16 Aug 2018So far so good, it has a very good battery life. But... morehow long does it take to fully charge it?